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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Soggy Tea of Sourgrapes

Poor John McCain and Sara Palin. Did you hear they lost the election? You wouldn't know it. There is another election on the horizon. 2012. And guess who is running? Sara Palin. Maybe John will throw his hat in the ring. What's left of the republicans came up with a new game plan after Obama trounced them--never stop running. They haven't. John McCain is constantly on the talk show circuit like he is still trying to clinch the Presidency and Alaska Sara is still trying to clinch the Presidency. One word comes to mind. Pathetic.

My mother in law could eat Rush Limbaugh for lunch. She is the Greatest Generation and always votes republican and has the far right views of the Midwestern matriarch. But, after Barack Obama won the Presidency (that's right he won) she said that was it. "I support whoever is President. He is our President now." That our word seems to have slipped from the lexicon of the leftover republicans who just cant-stop-doing-media-and-talking-about-being-President. Why won't Sara Palin go back to Alaska? Why won't John McCain quit going on talk shows and dishing the President and his polices. Simple answer. Fifteen nanoseconds of fame.

That's right. You would think that after living in the spotlight for all those months they would have had their fill. No. Fame is drug. A lot like cocaine. A little will not do it, you need a lot. Because coming down off that high is a bummer. We lost. Someone else won. No one cares about my opinion anymore. I am not in the White House. I am a Governor of Alaska. I am an old man marginalized by a country that has moved on. No one cares that I was a war hero.

These are hard truths and anyone who has lost any contest knows the tough medicine of defeat. To the victor belongs the spoils. That would be Barack Obama. He won. The republicans lost. But this is a national sickness fostered by talking heads who just cant' give up the ghost. What are those tea parties really about? No taxation without representation? I don't' think so. Barack Obama won in a landslide. No, it is about a culture that now says, if you are going to lose at the game, destroy it. Don't participate. Sabotage until you can win again. Remember board games with poor sports who would throw the checkers or the Monopoly pieces?

All people like Sara and John do is reaffirm a culture that says win at any cost. That is all the talking heads are doing now. There is no real agenda. There isn't even cut taxes and don't spend. We did that for eight years and it didn't work. All that is left is take the board and throw it to the floor and claim victory. Now, I ask you, who wants to play with people like that?

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