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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Smart Jerk--We Need One Now

President Obama is my man. Let there be no doubt. I went to the election night party in Chicago, I have defended him against all sorts of attacks. He is my man. But what we need now is a smart jerk. Someone who will not mind being hated. We need someone who will say to the banks and all the other companies lining up for bailouts--NO.

I think the initial money was needed and things seem to be turning around, but let's face it, enough is enough. They are already talking about another stimulus package and the great bank bailout is still just warming up. And the auto companies...the dirty little secret is that they can't do anything until the unions take it on the chin.

We have the old economy and the new economy and never the twain shall they meet. How can an auto company compete with somebody who is paying their workers the equivalent of ten bucks an hour to build a car? Global. We have the global economy and the rest of the world is not having to deal with the type of overhead we have. So what is our President to do? Everyone knows he is going to have to take over GM. Everyone knows that will bust the union and wipe out the shareholders. It's just no one wants to be the hated guy. I don't blame him. It is a rotten thing to be.

Bush was the hated man. But he wasn't smart. We need a smart jerk. A Geitner who is not in someone else's pocket. Maybe a Harry Truman. Someone who doesn't really give a damn about being liked. I'm sure President Obama could find someone with the gumption to just say NO. Did you ever see a child ask for something? I saw one the other day ask his mother over and over and over if he could have ice cream. She finally said yes. Then he asked her if he could sleepover at a friends. He asked over and over and she finally said yes. Then he asked if he could go to the batting cages. You get the point. It is like these companies and these banks have become small children who just want mom to say yes yes yes yes...take all the money you need. Like children, if you give an inch...they take a mile.

If President Obama has one flaw it is he seems to have an overwhelming desire to please. He is a master negotiator and he does alot of that with charm. But like raising kids, being a leader or a parent is not a popularity contest. Sometimes you have to say the hard thing and let the chips fall. Even a child will give up the ghost when a definitive NO is the answer. Especially from someone who will brook no stuff. Then they generally forget about it.

So OK. We have bailed and bailed. We have said yes yes yes. Now, we need someone to say to these companies and banks...go talk to the hated jerk. Like the child, they'll know what's coming...NO!

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