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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A House Divided Against Itself

A house divided against itself can not stand. No more eloquent words spoken by Lincoln than those that fit our present day. Our political expediency gives us not the luxury to indulge our lesser selves now. We have the pressing weight of the world upon us and there is no time anymore for our petty squabbles. We can no longer give in to our secret biases and guarded truths.
For if we are truly one people under God, then we can not have entire networks built around dissension. We cannot have newspapers that favor one agenda over another. There are no men in the grassy knoll and we do not seek the destruction of our Constitution on either side. We are mostly the bungling people of the democracy that is the United States. To presuppose grand conspiracies would be to ignore the messiness that is a modern republic. Few people can really keep a secret.
Drama can no longer replace political common sense. We must finally do what is good for all of us. From the unemployed auto workers in Detroit to the disgraced bankers in Manhattan-we are, all of us, in this together. To think otherwise would be at our collective peril. We will only survive if we stand together. There may be no American culture anymore, but now there must be. And it has to be inclusive and it must contain the right and the left, the rich and the poor, and the huddled masses who look to us still. It must have the elasticity that allows a heterogeneous people to do great things.
So we must finally turn off the pundits and listen to our higher nature. That is what lays behind the stained graves at Shiloh and Normandy. It is, finally, the only thing that makes us greater than ourselves.

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