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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Times They Are A Changing...

The order is
Rapidly fadin'.
And the first one now
Will later be last
For the times they are a-changin'.

Bob Dylan could be singing today and he would be as on as he was in 1964 when he penned that song of social upheaval. Forget about the stimulus package, it is now the progressive package. Forget about the economy. We are having a revolution. The old ways have not worked and they are DEAD. We are in the new world now like it or not. Global Warming is our problem. Health Care is our issue. The socialists are in the saddle, the liberals, the progressives. Why? Because the people were hungry for change. Not the left, not the liberals, not the socialist, not Barack Obama...the people. We are going to rebuild the country and take the lead in education now. Not because Barack Obama says it must be so but because the Country says it must be so. The opposition party has marginalized themselves. No one did them in but themselves. No one set out to destroy them but the country moved on and they didn't. The newspapers are going away. Yes they are. That funny thing called a Kindle is going to rule the day. Not because Amazon was so adept and the newspapers were so inept, but because the times now demand a different mode of communications. The banks will be nationalized. Not because the government wants too, but because the men who run them cannot adopt to the new era where greed is not paramount. The auto manufactures will bankrupt and change. They will come back with energy efficient cars because that is what the times demand. The houses will sell again but they will be small green homes, not because the builders want that, but banks will never lend to middle class people the way they did before. That thing called a jumbo mortgage will go the way of the Model T. You cannot stop this change. Be you a Democrat or Republican the change has come and you can either get on the train or stay in the station. Maybe we will have to rethink why we work. Maybe working for the almighty buck is not enough. Maybe that is what threw our culture and ourselves into the gutter. Maybe we will have to find something else to believe in besides our 401K's and our retirement. Maybe the American ideal is changing. We are talking to our enemies and our allies. We our building bridges again. We are holding up education again, we are talking about race, about politics, we are talking again. The hate mongers will no longer have the podium. They have been pushed to the side by the very people who put them on their soapboxes. Nothing new here. Move on . Big Government and Big Ideas. You bet. Here we go. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Liberal Socialist Progressive Big Spending Wealth Redistributing Class Warfare Warrior. Bring it on. The times, they are achanging.

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