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Thursday, March 19, 2009

They Were Expendable

As a stockholder of AIG I demand the money back from the twenty five people who threw AIG under the bus and then the company. CEO Liddy says these people were so important they gave them millions of dollars in retention bonuses after they left. THEY JUST DON'T GET IT. There are millions of people unemployed. As a stockholder I demand they go out and find people to replace the bozos who lost a billion dollars. Oh, they already left. Oh, they already got their money. As a stockholder I demand to know the names of the twenty five people who trashed the company and the economy. CEO Liddy says he cannot give those names for the harm that might befall them. You know what.. HES RIGHT. Simple solution. Give us back our money and no harm will come to these people. As a stockholder I demand an immediate cessation of all bonuses. Oh, well, we cant do that because there are millions more already promised in the insurance side of the business in RETENTION BONUS. So the irreplaceable insurance adjuster stands to get a million bucks just to stay in his job. Again, as a stockholder I demand management go out to the MILLIONS of people looking for work and find replacements for these people too. CEO Liddy says these people are the best and the brightest. Then lets go find the Worst and the Dumbest. In fact, as a stockholder, I demand we find the biggest morons to work at AIG and pay them no retention bonus. I'm sure they will be fine with that.

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