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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Great Kingfisher

The Great Kingfisher is back on television. Huey Long walks from the dead and has risen from the Depression Era Swamps of Louisiana with his Tommy Gun toting stooges right behind him. "Every man is a king! I want this President to fail! It is my right to want this man to fail!" The Great Kingfisher is leading the populist revolt once again against the corrupt powers of Washington. He is even threatening the White House with a run for President. Roosevelt saw Huey Long as the biggest threat to the United States government and considered he might lose the election to him. Limbaugh is jumping around on television. "Every man is a king!" Whip up the hatred boys. "It is the Presidents fault you lost your job. It is the Presidents fault the banks are failing. It is the Presidents fault white people are no longer in the White House." Hot times down in Louisiana. Going to take over the governor's mansion with the armed guards outside. "It is those rich money grubbing Democrats that are taking your money. It is those Democrats behind this whole recession and if we don't do something soon we will be in a Depression!" Listen up to my plan here. "Every man is a king! I will turn back the clock. Yes sir. We are a nation of God fearing White People who shall rule again. And this man must fail! It is our duty to fight him every step of the way! Now friends, my friends, Roosevelt Obama wants you to believe that he is on your side. He is not. He is trying to destroy our way of life! It is my duty to try and stop him and I know that's what you want! Your children's future is being spent by this man! He wants to take over your life with big Government. HE MUST FAIL!" The Great Kingfisher rides again, shot down in a hallway in the governors mansion. Roosevelt breathed a sigh of relief. In hard times people look for someone to blame. Who knows, the sonofabitch might have actually won the election. Hitler did.

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