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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Bleeding Dog and the Masters of the Universe

Enough populist rage. Let's cut to the chase here. Middle class people are practical and sensible so lets look at it that way. If you have a bleeding dog and take him to the vet and he says well I can help him but it will cost you a ten thousand bucks and I don't know if he will live or not anyway, but you don't have a choice, you must save him. You then look over at the dog pound and think, but if I get a new dog then that will only cost me five hundred. You look back at your bleeding dog. He has had a long life and it is his time. You must do this, the vet says, or the dog will die! You look at the dogs in the pound. They are eager, frisky and just want a place to run. So you have a choice. Shovel money after your old dog or let a new dog have his day. But you do what the vet tells you and pay the ten thousand.

Or let's look at it from a mechanical standpoint. You have a steam engine. It runs on coal. It doesn't work. You take it to the shop and the man says well you need a new cylinder, run you about ten thousand. That's funny you say, I just put a new cylinder in there. The man says, nope you need another one. So you do it and you take it home and it still doesn't run. You look in the firebox and see there is no coal there. You could have saved your self five grand by just buying a five hundred dollars worth of coal, but the mechanic kept telling you it is the engine.

The Masters of the Universe still are telling us what dog to save and how to fix our engine. The common element to both of these scenarios is they get the money. They are the vet and they are the mechanic. Capitalism is all about selling. Everyone is selling. The Masters of the Universe are selling too. They are selling their positions, their jobs, their way of life. They are saying who we have to save and how much and unfortunately no one is really questioning them. If you buy into the Banking System Must Be Saved, then you are doomed to failure. This implies an all or none scenario. This implies all banks will fail if we don't buy their bad debt for trillions of dollars. The dog will die and the engine won't run.

Alright, lets break it down to this. If you give a family a ten thousand dollar check. They will spend it. If you give them a twenty thousand dollar check. Then they will spend it. If you give them a thirty thousand dollar check, they will spend it. Here is a diagram:

Please read from bottom to top.


Now read from top to bottom


So if we give money to the butcher, the teacher, the secretary, the salesman, the accountant, the mechanic, the doctor, the conductor, the writer (had to get that in) then they will spend it and money will go UP! But if we continue to donate money for the bleeding dogs, because the Masters of the Universe tell us to, then we will just lose the money. The dog is bleeding and no one can stop it. Sometimes, you just have to get a new dog.

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