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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Those Poor Poor Bankers

Oh the shame. The shame. The Masters of the Universe have had their income tied down...Oh, No! A paltry five hundred thousand dollars. CAPPED! Why these men have suffered, they have single handedly destroyed the economy and this is how we show our gratitude by capping their income to the penurious amount of five hundred grand. No more junkets, jets, mansions, caviar, gold, silver, chateaus, beach houses, Rolls....Just a measly cup of coffee in a Starbucks lamenting the gold old days of making millions, millions by God and this is how they show their gratitude? I tell you what I would do. Let them keep their bailout money. We don't let anybody restrict our income. Five hundred thousand. Are you kidding? You couldn't buy a hot dog with that and they expect us to do our job on that? Nope. That's it. We won't take it. Keep your money and your five hundred grand...we'll do it the old fashioned way...what was that guys said from Merrill Lynch...oh yeah, we'll EARN IT. It's like they want us to be middle class or something. Why what's the average middle class family make now forty? Forty five? Who are you kidding? If I want to buy a jet then I'll buy one! If I want to go to Las Vegas and spend millions on a junket then I'm going! You don't tell me what to do. Five hundred thousand. I spit on that. Chump change for chumps. Wait until they see what happens when you tell bankers how much they can make. Banks will start to go out of business, buy worthless derivatives, mortgage backs, make bad loans...wait until that all starts, then whose going to be sorry? Hah?

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