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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Raisin in the Sun

President Obama does not like the White House. It is easy to see that. He takes every opportunity to book out of Chicago, Denver, Washington. He just doesn't like it. He and Michelle hit a school and hang with the kids, saying they had to get out of the White House. They were doing what parents do, going to school functions, taking a breather from life. I mean, really, can you blame him? He's from Hyde Park, which for those of you who don't know is hip, interracial, collars the city, South side, close to the Lake, intellectual, has the University of Chicago, bohemian and well, cool. He went from Greenwich to to the suburbs in one quick jump and he just didn't go to the suburbs, he went to the stuffiest, whitest suburb in the land--The White House. We won't even touch the name but it ain't exactly inviting. So he does what everyone who has ever had to move for kids or a job does, he busts out for the city at every opportunity to get out of weird land. And not only did he move to a white bread suburb he is now stuck in the equivalent of a Home Owners meeting everyday. Homeowner meetings are uptight and usually have covenants so anal you have to get your Christmas lights approved. Home Owner meetings only attract people with nothing to do, people who want to get into other peoples business, people who want to tell other people how to live. So here he is, this dude who likes to play basketball, hang with the fellas, eat at his favorite hip spots, go to his favorite place to get his haircut and now he's stuck up on the North Shore with the Guess Whose Coming to Dinner crowd. Even Sidney Poitier would have a hard time with this crowd. So you cant' blame him for firing up Air Force One and pointing it toward Chicago every chance he gets. In Lorraine Hansberry's play, A Raisin in the Sun, an African American family moves from the South Side of Chicago to the white suburbs. The movie ends with the family packing up their apartment and leaving. The assumption is that they fit in and had a better life. I wonder what the sequel would be to that movie... possibly that same family moving back, shaking their heads, "nope, ain't gonna live with all them uptight white people." Too bad President Obama doesn't have that option.

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