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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A President That Talks

Wow. I don't know if you caught the news conference last night with Obama, but it was really something we haven't seen for a long time. A President that talks. Amazing. Someone would ask a question and he would give an intelligent answer. There were no soundbites. No evasion. The President responded to questions with cogent, well thought out arguments on why he was pursuing his policies. The Press wasn't quite sure what to do. They were used to a man who evaded, obfuscated, mumbled, shrugged, grimaced, then just walked off. We haven't had a President like this since...since...I don't know, maybe Kennedy? We are in new territory. This man is smart and he stays at a level that demands everyone else be smart also. What did the right wing pundits have to say last night. He was acting confident. He's not really confident. He is hiding behind a mask of confidence. Very good acting then. Best line..."Everyone thinks I was all ginned up to spend eight hundred billion when I came in....I wasn't." True. We cant' even blame him for our troubles. A President who doesn't communicate in a clear forthright manner lets us off the hook. We can say it is the President's fault. Not this time. If we are going to blame this man for our troubles we better study up, because there is a new sheriff in town and he is not a dumb man. The pundits may call him the anointed one or disparage him for being arrogant or falsely confident, but the truth is the era of moron is over and the idiots know it better than anyone else.

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