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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hate Mongers

Hates comes in many forms. It comes in men wearing suits on colorful shows with beautiful women. It comes in disembodied voices over the radio. Most of the time hate hides behind political philosophies, polemics on economics, and the character flaws of opponents. In normal times hate is absorbed by the fringe and in a republic it is neutralized by a prosperous middle that keeps fringe ideas from becoming ideology. But during depressions and recessions the idolatry of hatred can become a mantra and then a movement. I did my Masters Thesis on the philosophical origins of Hitlers ideology. For two years I studied Hitler and read countless biographies, trying to decipher the meaning behind the madness of the Nazis. Hitler was a zealot and during postwar Wiemar Germany he was lazing around the beer halls after having been one of the few men who enjoyed the counter offensive of trench warfare. When the armistice was reached Hitler threw a tantrum and became one of the vast army of veterans trying to survive in the economic hell that was Germany after World War I. He began to give speeches, picking up on the currents swirling around Europe at the time. He then was arrested and wrote Mien Kampf, roughly his view. Hitler cited lebensraum: living space to the East. He built his view around the coming great Teutonic war between the Slav and the Teuton. He invoked Nietche, and said the era of the Uberman (Superman) was at hand and he will be Aryan. He went all the way back and built a philosophy from the Anglos and the Saxons, the Germanic tribes roving Europe. From this came the Final Solution. The extermination of the Jews. After Europe lay in ruins and Hitler poisoned himself, we are left with these clues as to what was behind this blitzkrieg of death and destruction. I believe it started back in the beer halls before cable television, using a crates, standing on street corners and telling people who was to blame. He destroyed civilization as we know it and used convenient epigrams, platitudes, anything to float his program for racial cleansing. Hitler was very adept at citing history and convenient theories to brand his own agenda. The truth is you really can dress up hatred anyway you want. But in times like these, you are playing with fire. A scared populace makes for the fodder of catastrophe and we now have a populace looking desperately for answers. After two years I came to my conclusion on the philosophical origins of Hitler's ideology. I decided he didn't have one. After all the shimmying about lebensraum, Prussian Militarism, the Great Teutonic War, and the Uberman, it really paled to the real motivation behind his drive to annihilate human beings. He was simply fueled by race hatred and tried to kill everyone who wasn't like him.

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