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Friday, February 6, 2009

The Empty Wrapper of Fame

Fame without talent is an empty wrapper. But fame is an intoxicating drug. Joe the Plumber, Palin, and Blago all know this. In our culture nothing beats being on television or having your name in the paper. And in our culture phenomenon or novelty is almost as important as talent. Almost. Joe the Plumber is riding his last wave of stardust with a new life as author and pundit. Can you imagine what old Joe thinks at night? I mean really. Here is this guy who was worried about scraping enough pennies together to get his Big Gulp at 7/11 and then wham he is giving his views on the President on Sean Hannitys show or chatting with Larry King. He must touch his arm sometimes to make sure he's not dreaming. Because he knows also in the bleak hour of three AM that he has no talent. He is not a pundit and he is not an author and from what they say he wasn't even a plumber. So all he has is the fame. Sara Palin knows this too. The election lost, she trips along from one media gig to another announcing she is the reincarnation of the Republican Party and gearing up for 2012. Please. Most people just go back to their state and lick their wounds. But Sara lies awake at night and has moments where that Katie Couric question haunts her, "what do you think of the Bush doctrine." Because in that moment the world knew her dirty little secret, she was not Presidential material. She knows that if she leaves that spotlight then she will turn back into the Alaska governor no one cared about. Blago showed us the same thing on David Letterman when he admitted he always wanted to be on the show in the worst way and Letterman threw back, "well, you are on in the worst way." Enough said. The problem with fame minus talent is there is no substance and eventually the lights will turn off and that ego flood will shut down. You are as good as your last interview and once the ride is over for Joe and he blows his money he will shuffle back to cleaning drains. Sara and the First Dude will eventually have to go back to Alaska, even shout outs and six pack Joe's wont' keep her jihad of continued campaigning alive for four years. And Blago will tragically head for jail, sucking on a piece of candy on the prison bus, fingering his empty wrapper of fame.

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