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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Earth Wind and Fire

I dig Earth Wind and Fire. I dig disco. I discoed. Good times. Party on dude. Cheryl Crow not so much. Something about that California singing about the mellow party times...been there done that. I am not a golfer. Nope. Chasing the white ball with little carts forget about it. Besides a woman who used to live across the street from me died when her cart veered into a retention pond and she drowned. Ignominious. So I steer clear. It seems so...I don't know so mainstream. Golf, Sheryl Crow, Earth Wind and Fire, Pinacolodas, the nice Pacific breeze blowing in from the ocean. Shrimp anyone? I'll take two please and another drink for my friend there and how about a bottle of champagne? I wonder what all the poor people are doing? What is all the rancor about anyway? We are doing just fine thank you. We made money last year and then the government just kicked us a cool billion. A round for the house! Hey, you know what, screw it, have Earth Wind and Fire play all night, and is no object. Oh, and if you have one of those fine Cuban cigars. So where was I...right...all this talk of nationalization. Rubbish. Look around you. What do you see? Prosperous people. People with tans and margarita smiles. C'mon, the losers are broke now...the suckers George. Take you and me. We saw the train coming and played it cool. Now we are a billion to the good and we are sitting our ass down here by seashore. Right...oh sure, lobster? Fine, bring us four. know it's survival of the fittest baby. Darwinism. Let the bad banks go man. Let the auto companies go. It's the way capitalism works. All that stuff about goverment for the people and by the people...please. There will always be poor people and there will always be the middle class who will never get a clue. Ha! That's a drink. What did F. Scott Fitzgerald say? The rich are very different from you and bet your ass we are! Oh...Hemingway said that...well, someone said it and it doesn't' really matter because you are either in or you are out and you know who you are. Ah doesn't' get much better than this...really it doesn't. What did you say your name know you look familiar...were you ever in government?

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