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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Mr. President

New guy huh? Listen. I know what it is like to be the new man. I am constantly the new man at my jobs and I have had many. Now that you have your cubicle (Oval Office in your case) you can take a little time and get organized. Now you are going to notice a lot of OWG's (old white guys) at the company. Don't worry about these guys. They will never be on your side. A lot of times when I start somewhere I find out who the real decision makers are and I concentrate on them and ignore all the lifers. They are just hanging around to get their pensions. Besides, the only people that can fire you are the people that put you there. Now, go down and get a candy bar or something during your first couple of weeks. Vending machines are a great place to get to know your coworkers. Again, watch out for the OWG's they are not your friends and never will be. I make it a point to, you know, chitchat, get to know who the real players are. Now when you get back to your cube(Oval Office in your case) at some point you are going to have to make a decision about the OWG's. You can try and be nice to them, but it wont' really matter. The way I play it at my new jobs is I try and be low key for the first few weeks, which you are doing a pretty good job at, but then, I let the people know there is a new sheriff in town. If people don't want to play ball with me and they aren't my boss and I don't think anyone is your boss, then *&&% em. You don't need them. There was another guy at the company from a long long time ago, went by three initials... FD something. Anyway, he had to deal with the OWG's and you know what he did? He just went right through them. Rammed through his legislation and even when they tried to declare it all unconstitutional, he just kept on with his programs. He had nuggies. But he never let the OWG's get to him. He just didn't care. That's my advice to you . Ignore them. They'll eventually get tired of hanging around and take their pensions. So, get comfortable, put your feet up on the desk, then tomorrow, bust some ass.

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