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Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Bankers and the Peanut Man

Did you see the bankers and the peanut man in front of the Senate? What is wrong here. First you have the bankers trying to explain that bonuses and retention awards come out of their profits and not the bailout money. Um...hello...without the bailout money there is NO BANK. So...where is that money coming from again. It's coming from our profits. Let's see, the big seven banks are insolvent, so, wait a minute, oh I know, you must mean the profits on the TARP money. Yes. Oh. You mean the TARP money you used to buy other banks. Yes. I see. Well, that's very clear. And when asked why they couldn't' lend any of the money the banks all explained very slowly how they have to keep a certain amount of money in the bank even though it's not their money it's TARP money given to lend but they can't do that. But they can buy a two hundred thousand dollar ad in The New York Times explaining why they have to still give their employees trips and bonuses. Fine. Makes perfect sense. Then the peanut man (you know the guy who killed everyone with peanut butter) got up there. He took the fifth. He decided he didn't' want to say a word after he knowingly shipped all that tainted peanut butter. The congressman asked him if he wanted to eat some of his own peanut butter. He took the fifth.
My question is, what kind of a society would produce men like this? So here is the lesson. Go start a bank and lose all your investors money and then go to the government to get more to pay yourself. (Total compensation for the bank presidents this year was over 100 million) Then go ship a bunch of salmonella tainted peanut butter and don't say a word. Oh, and go have sixteen babies and become a celebrity. So...I ask again, what kind of society produces people like this? Oh yeah, note to self, no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

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