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Monday, January 5, 2009

Maybe We Should Change The Rules

Here is the hard truth of the financial situation--nobody knows what they are doing. You like to think that someone does, but really, they don't. Not the guy running your 401K fund, not the big hedge fund managers, not even Bernache. How could they? Economics follows no rules, just the rules we set up. Imagine trying to predict the course of water. Money is water, slippery, eel like, slithering away in a heartbeat, seeping between our fingers. No one has any real idea about what it is going to do. Not now. But people do operate from a premise of greed. That is about it. People will do whatever it takes to make sure they have more money and not you. Listen up middle class brethren. This means that your fund managers will make sure they do what is the interest of the firm and their commission before they do what is in your interest. In the New York Times article this last Sunday they tried to figure out where the bail out money went. Turns out most of the banks just banked it. You guessed it. They put it in their accounts as their money. They are not going to lend it and nobody said they had to. So they did what you and I would do if someone handed us say a hundred dollars, we'd put it in our account. That's what they did. And of course the middle class will get none of the bail out dollars. So essentially, your money was just given away to some guys who cried wolf and said we need it or else. Citibank is a perfect example. They gave them billions, then just guaranteed their 306 billion dollar debt. The government didn't' say they had to start lending, they just said, ok, your good. Now why is that? Why would all these banks just be able to walk away from all their debt? You and I can't do that. We have to follow the rules, pay our bills, pay our debts, or pay the consequences. You know, maybe we should change the rules.

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