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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Day

We could despair that there are still people who call him the "messiah" and make jokes with the N word. That there are men who sit in basements in suburbs all over America and turn off the television when he comes on and mutter about the "the anointed one." Or that there are vast areas where Obama signs are taken down, people afraid to wear "Obama" buttons, afraid to voice their support for our next President. We could despair that Joe the Plumber sits on right wing talk shows with the moniker Author and hate spewing Sean Hannity asks him his opinion on our next President and how much the Democrats are spending on the inauguration. How gleeful pundits point to the increase in gun sales by wary gun owners who are afraid Obama might restrict their precious right to own a gun. We could despair over the economy, the wars, the people still without health care. But that would negate the moment. Even with all our problems, today is a triumph. It doesn't matter at this moment what your politics are. It doesn't matter if you are red, white, Chinese, African American, Hispanic. What matters is that on this day a man is being elected who said we could do better. CNN may be over the top. Fox may be sniping. African American leaders all over the country might grab for a moment that eludes them. The whole inaugural process could be regarded with cynicism as a party for those who enjoy privilege. But on this day, we finally don't care if James Earl Ray acted alone in shooting Martin Luther King. We don't care if there were men in the grassy knoll in Dallas along Kennedy's motorcade. We don't care if Sirhan Sirhan was let into the hotel kitchen when he shot Robert Kennedy. And we really don't care that the ballots in Florida might have been stolen, miscounted, or thrown out. Because on this day Barack Obama will become President. And maybe he can't solve all our problems and he may not even be the man we think he is. It doesn't matter, because we really elected hope over despair, light over darkness, the future over the past. We finally voted for something we dare not voice...our higher nature.
And this is The Day.

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