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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Why Should We Pay?

Um, it might be just me, but if every company in America can hold their hand out and say, oh, you know what, I made some really bonehead decisions and I need you to give me money so I can stay afloat and I promise I won't do it again, and then walk away with fist fulls of question is: WHY SHOULD WE PAY OUR BILLS? I mean really. We are talking billions of dollars here. Ok, the automakers. We screwed up and sold Americans gas guzzlers that we made millions off of and are now literally worth a third of their value (YUKON XL Purchased price 2006 42,000 value today blue book 12,000) and didn't bother to make fuel efficient vehicles or spend money on R and D for hybrids and alternatives. So, do you mind giving us twenty five billion dollars? Because if you don't the economy will crash and you all will be unemployed and so you better give it to us or else. Ok. We get it. They need money for stupid decisions and they will get it. Alright. So. Why is the economy in the tank. Well, the middle class is the coal on the good ship prosperity and the coal bin is empty. THE MIDDLE CLASS HAS NO BUYING POWER. Why? Because they are in debt, their houses are worthless, their cars are worthless, and between taxes and children and college and health care they are....BROKE! So, the government keeps going to trickle down economics. Even though they say they are now supply siders (new guy Obama). But no one really gets it. You have to quit giving money to the top and put some coal back in the bin. Forgive credit card debt. Give car allowances for gas guzzlers. Put home values back to where they were three years ago with recession vouchers. WHATEVER. But you have to quit giving it to the people who are going to fuel up their corporate jets, go on their junkets, give multi million dollar parachutes, take mountainside retreats, give a Christmas bonus to themselves. WE ARE NOT AN OLIGARCHY. (rule by the wealthy) We are a populist country that is ruled by people who came over on boats as indentured servants. Even the Donald Trumps and all the hilariously rich actors and actresses are just common stock people done good. So let's act like a populist country and start giving the money and I mean buckets and wheel barrels of it to the middle class. Or we might just stop paying our bills.

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