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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nothing I Can Do...hmph?

Nothing I can do, hmph? Scoorge to Marley on his death bed. Last rites and all that? Nothing I can do. The year is ending and we are still running but of course there is nothing we can do. 2008 will end despite our frantic efforts to get it all done. Where did it go? I suppose that is a common lament, but it seems more so this year. Work will do that--it obviates time. Suddenly fall is behind us and we are two days before Christmas and we are still trying to get it all done, burning through the best years of our lives. The internet keeps us all going all the time now. The final frontier of home and heart broken with a broadband line and so our kids and ourselves run for the screen to get it all done. But it will not change anything. We will be a year older despite our best effort, maybe a year richer, maybe a year poorer. But really that matters not at all because any time lost makes us all penurious. So, I for one will hang it up today and let the year finish it's libelous course. What can I do anyway, but spend some time with my kids and wife and try and remember life before I tried to get it all done. Besides, there is nothing we can do....

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