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Friday, December 19, 2008

Men Don't Read

You start out writing a novel and you have no idea what the audience will be and if you will have an audience. Then the reviews start to come in and people say, well it's about the forty something generation or it is about the American Dream or it is an anti-hero novel or it is a bad novel or a good novel or a brilliant novel or that it is no novel at all. Once you pass one hundred review mark then all bets are off. But one thing that has surprised me about Rocket Man is how many people have said it was a dad novel. True, the main character is trying to give his son a sense of individuality against crushing conformity, but I thought that was just part of the larger story. BookDads was the first review that made me rethink this book. review came in and I thought, oh, well good, maybe this can help fathers with their sons or give someone else a sense they are not alone going through the craziness of fatherhood. Then a couple more reviews and I started to realize that maybe I had written a book about man and his son. Then I searched the sites for dads and books. There are hundreds if not thousands of them. You always assume men don't read, but it would seem there are more than a few literate dads out there looking for a good read. I guess you never can tell who your audience will be, maybe it's just good you have one at all.

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