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Friday, December 12, 2008

The Japanese Woman

"Oh you bought few items and still cost eighty dollars."
"That's Target," I murmured, watching her scan my few items.
"Very cold outside tonight...hope your car start."
I smiled. "I do too."
"American cars no good."
"Well they aren't worth much now."
The Japanese woman squinted.
"Japanese make cars differently."
"You mean better?'
" else different...American car companies have something different."
"Lack of Research and Development?"
" else...I can't think of word."
She stopped scanning my items.
"No...Japanese car companies no have this...this makes American car companies broke."
"Gas guzzlers?"
"They no fly jet when asking for money."
"No...I cant' think of the word.
She frowned at the computer and handed me my receipt.
"Something else...make all American car companies broke."
"Lack of foresight."
I shrugged. "I don't know..." I said, picking up my groceries.
"Oh...I know...I know.."
I turned around and stared at her. She smiled, stabbing the air with her fingers.
"Union....Japanese no have, union!"
I nodded slowly.
"So they don't."

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