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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Generation Jones

I remember growing up and watching demonstrations on television and thinking, why doesn't everyone just calm down? I mean what the heck is everyone so worked up about? That was us. Too young to participate, watching from the sidelines. We used to be called the Tweeners once upon a time, but the current term is Generation Jones which Jonathan Pontell came up with and we have seen on CNN. Truly the lost generation sandwiched in with the Boomers and Generation X, they have had no voice until the election of Barack Obama. He is one by default. Too young for Woodstock, watching the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK as children on the floor, we were really forgotten. Oh they're boomers. Growing up as true children of the sixties we missed out on everything and came aboard in the seventies when everyone was mellow. So what do we take from this? Now we are in the pilot seat in the biggest recession since the Great Depression. We are the ones with kids, mortgages, debt, 401k's, and the great disappointment that the American Dream did not quite work out on our watch. Everyone is declaring bankruptcy, going for bailouts, basically throwing in the towel. Like the main character of my novel Rocket Man, we are disaffected, pissed off, and left with a hell of a mess. And we are not looking at retirement. If we were true boomers we would be fretting about the size of our nest egg. Nest Egg? I know I left that somewhere. There it is, up in the eggs in that nest. Well, you get the point. So here we are. A voice at last in the form of the Presidency. A pragmatic group of people who used to be the yuppies, not watching from the side anymore and wondering what everyone is so upset about. Unfortunately, we know.

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