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Thursday, December 4, 2008


It is a derogatory term. CAR SALESMAN. If you really wanted to sum up someone who was a conman or flimflam artist then you called him a car salesman. You remember those guys, they would promise you one thing and then suddenly you were in the struggle of your life not to get ripped off. These same guys are now in Washington--they drove--how middle class--and they are asking for billions to save their hides. Now where were they when those big cars of ours dropped by twenty five percent the moment we drove them off the lot? Or how about the second our warranty expired and the transmission went out? Or that strange noise our new car made and you brought it back to the dealer to find out it was kanooten valve or the brakes or the axle...oh and by the way, you know that bumper to bumper warranty you are paying fifteen hundred bucks for--ITS NOT COVERED UNDER THAT. Then we walk out a cool thousand bucks poorer, going to some garage guy to fix our problem because we can't afford to go back to the dealer. NOW WHY IS THAT? Or how come those foreign cars seem to be so much tighter in the steering and not break down and even cost less? Now why is that? Or the way we would watch our gas tanks get sucked dry by engines that are about as efficient as a steam locomotive while the rest of the world is working on hybrids and fuel efficient engines. Now our cars are worthless. If you own anything over a mid size car then good luck. Your blue book tells it all. And these same guys who gave us forty five thousand dollar price tags...who made so much money on the SUV's they made them like hotcakes--these same guys--these car salesman--now want to get billions of dollars because they priced themselves out the market and didn't bother to give America a decent car? You know what, let them walk back to Detroit. They probably wouldn't make it in their cars anyway.

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