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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You've seen her. She is in the crowd whenever they roll the tape of Obama at the Election Night Party in Grant Park. She is older, grey hair, glasses, late fifties, maybe touching sixty. Tears are streaming down her face and she is mouthing "yes we can yes we can yes we can." Seminal moment in history. A child of the sixties watching the progressives finally come to power after almost fifty years. She remembers Kennedy. She was at Woodstock. She saw JFK assassinated then MLK and RFK. Each time the progressive movement was thwarted and the country swung back to the right. Now she is having her moment. The Boomer moment watching the final entitlement that is the sixties generation birthright. But is that true? Obama is in his late forties. He is not a boomer. He is a tweener. The progressive movement swept up what twenty years ago was called a yuppie. Obama did not march in demonstrations. He wasn't at Woodstock. Like me he watched it on television as a seven year old. A boy. We were too young to sing the Who song, Hope I die before I get old. That was our older brothers and sisters getting stoned at muddy concerts and taking over college administration buildings. But they looped everyone in with them. Ah, the boomers. Anyone who was born after the war right up to Gen X. But now wait a minute. The liberal agenda of the boomers is not Obamas. He is a liberal of a different sort. The tweeners (1960-1968) roughly are in their forties now and they are pragmatists. They really didn't buy into the utopia of the sixties. Like many of the tweeners, I watched the burning cities as a boy and wondered what everyone was so upset about. I actually wore a Richard Nixon T shirt much to my parents horror. Then we all turned into yuppies. Let's make money and have a great time. That is the tweener generation. The boomers made money later after they got tired of hookahs and love ins and LSD. So the woman who is crying, mouthing, yes we can, is seeing a very different world than the one Obama will bring. He went to Harvard. He is a lawyer. He is a Machiavellian pragmatist who used the net like a general. Hardly the flower power hippy with a greying pony tail who still hugs people and flips peace signs and says groovy. That is why he is pulling in Washington old guard like a man possessed. He knows who can run things and he doesn't need dreamers--he needs people who can get the job done. In a recent review of my novel, Rocket Man, a woman said that anyone born between 1960 and 1968 will be very uncomfortable with my book. "We (tweeners) have been stuck with the mess the boomers created and like the main character, Dale, we just want to run away." So the woman in the crowd is right in a way, the progressives have finally come to power, but it's not the boomers progressive agenda. Finally, it's the tweeners.Technorati Profile
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