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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Pundits Have To Go

YES WE DID! But the pundits have to go now. The hate mongers on the upper reaches of cable are still spewing. I don't know if you have tuned in yet but they are already at it. Obama won because of the election. Obama won because all the black people voted for him. Obama won because McCain was blamed for the economy unjustly. Obama won on a fluke. Change would have come anyway. Obama will never deliver. They are just cranking up. This belongs to the old order, the old politics of fear and who you are against not who you are for. We have to get rid of these guys. They are parasites on our democracy. They are not disseminating viewpoints, they are whipping up fear and hatred for selfish gain. In the Bush years they worked perfectly to keep the electorate at war and off the issues. Carl Rove is already on Fox discounting the Obama election. They are insidious. I wonder what would happen if we all stopped watching them? Like the Wicked Witch of the West, they might just melt into the floor into a vaporous cloud. We could do that you know. Yes we can. We could deflate the pundits. If we all did it together. Yes we can. Think about it. Yes. Yes we can.

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