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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our Bailout

So Where Is Our Bailout? Let's see, the banks, the investment firm, the insurance companies, and now the automobile manufacturers. Did you hear? If Detroit is allowed to fail, THE WHOLE ECONOMY WILL TANK. I mean it's true. It's what they told us about AIG, IF AIG FAILS THE WHOLE ECONOMY WILL TANK. And they took a four hundred thousand dollar weekend to prove it. So now they are trotting out the same argument. If Detroit goes, then we go with it. Let's see, if the auto manufacturers go down, then whose fault would it be? Would it be the auto makers who said nah let someone else make hybrids, we are too busy making money hand over fist with our SUVS. It wouldnt' be their fault for never bothering to make fuel efficient cars now would it? Let's face it, if the auto guys go down then all those workers will be out of work along with a lot of bloated executives--Why? THE WHOLE ECONOMY COULD TANK. So they will get their money. But my question is where is our bailout? Surely the middleclass can use the same argument, if someone doesnt' bail out the middleclass, then THE WHOLE ECONOMY WILL TANK. I mean if we miss a payment on our utilities, our cable, a medical bill, then we get threatened with disconnection, harrased. Bounce a check and we get fees up the wazoo. Oh, and those 401K's that are going down like the Titanic, so sorry, you see that's because of the bozos on Wall Street who lost billions but they got bailed out because God knows if big investment firms fail then THE WHOLE ECONOMY WILL TANK. Alright, we all made some bonehead moves so lets ALL get bailed out. But the very people who actually need it will not get it. Barack Obama better start looking at who really needs this money, because if the middle class doesn't get bailed out, then THE WHOLE ECONOMY WILL TANK. It already is.

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