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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obama's Center Right

So is the election all for show? The far left seems to have been thrown off course already. Of course it has. Barack Obama is a lawyer who went to Harvard and headed up the Harvard Law Review. He is not a dreamer. He is not a left wing granola eating green tree hugging socialist who will bring about a reformation akin to the second revolution of the sixties. If anything he is a Roosevelt Democrat with those same ideas of social reform and New Deal politics. He will bring about change but he is more of a patrician than you think. He is a thinker and a scholar and enjoys a good book and intellectual discourse. These are not the bomb throwing politics Sarah Palin and the boys would have us believe he embraced. He is a pragmatist with a brain who will use whoever he thinks is the brightest and the best for the job. Be they Democrat or Republican. I would think that is a good thing and should bring an end to the polarization of American politics that has been the standard since George Bush had to use the far right and the politics of fear to come to power and keep power. Now we have a man beholding to none. Watch out liberals and conservatives, he might just do the right thing regardless of politics. Wow, what a concept.

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