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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Presidency

Barack Obama and I are the same age. It is a first time. I could have been President. When I saw him walking into the White House yesterday I felt like I was there. Strange but true. I walked under the portico and mused that the place looked older than I would have thought. George Bush was kind of a drag. I had to do all the talking while he nodded and grunted. We don't really like each other, but we have to do this thing. The White House itself smelled kind of musty. I mean it was really nice but I'm pretty beat from the election and I don't know just a little burnt on the whole thing. I really just want to chill with the kids, watch some television, kick back and become invisible again. Laura was nice but you could see those white eyes. Whoah, who let the black people in here? Michelle did a great job with the stone lady. But hey I did a great job with the Texan. He is dumb. It's amazing he was President for eight years. The oval office was nice, little sterile. Needs some breaking down. Man, I'm tired of the suit. Got a couple more hours of this and then I'm back to Chi town. Get rid of the bowling alley make the basketball court bigger. Weird to be here. All these people looking for the great black hope. And now I'm walking out to the limo. Shake with the rancher one more time, wave to the stone lady, and head for the airport. Man. We are in it now.

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