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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


That one. McCain's slip of the toungue--the Greatest Generations gaffe. THAT ONE. Maybe you saw the debate and remember the moment: You know who voted for the bill...THAT ONE. Does it get any more racial? That one. Color it how you want it. Read the polls that show everyone around McCains age is voting for him. Now why is that? Experience. The Greatest Generation is big on experience, but they are bigger on being white. Black guy with Ray Bans. I don't think so. Skinny black guy in a suit who talks alot and twists the English language around to roll out a call to change. No way. Not to make the world safe for democracy. They didn't have skinny black guys running for President then. Take the old guy pointing the finger in the rumpled suit who talks about war and patriotism. Not that one. He's the other. He's the secret in the voting booth the Greatest Generation will eliminate with a quick alzhaimer moment--he's that black guy...that one! Nope. Pull it for the Irish white guy. Not that one, you know his name....some Muslin name. Nope. Krauts. Japs. Whops. Kikes. THAT ONE. Cha ching! Done. Pull back the curtain. God Bless America.

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