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Monday, October 6, 2008


Palin the pittbull is showing what she was hired for. She has the one dimensional ambition that makes her so attractive to the right and so scary to the left. This small town woman has been brought in for the last gasp of fear politics or the swiftboating that began with Kerry and will die with Barack. The economy is going down so fast we can't even keep up and so is McCain. But like an ugly cancer that will take their victim with them and it is going to get very ugly. This type of politics did not come overnight. Perfected after 9/11 by Carl Rove and the boys this politicing is a noxious offshoot of the democratic process. A group of men saw they could not beat democrats by ideals, but by appealing to fear and bigotry and hatred. It is not who you are for it is who you are against. You are against the muslim terrorist Osama Bin Barack arent you? Do you know he swung with the terrorists? Do you know he is black? Do you know he is gay? Do you really believe a man like that can lead us? They are just warming up folks. They know their days are numbered and people do not give up power easily. This creature will lash out until the very end and that means November 4th. And this time she wears a dress. So put on your helmet and hold tight, because here it comes.

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