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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why Didn't John McCain Look at Barack Obama?

We all know why. Why do people call Japanese, Nips? Or Germans Krauts, or Jews, Kikes, or Italians, wops? It is the secret prejudice of the heart. Slopeheads, skinnies, cameljockeys, African Americans, &*%$. You know the word. It is the other. McCain was brought up on defining the other. Its's the Russians, the North Koreans, the Iranians. The other. It is the enemy. He defines himself by opossition and he is old. What goes on in that old brain. That uppitty..... Who does he think he is? People dont look at people because they don't recoginze their humanity. If you truly don't recognize someone then you cannot even meet their eye. Obama would read him in a nanosecond. That errie smile, that strange expression whenever Obama's the dirty little secret of the republican all white convention. It is the dirty little secret of that party. It is the reason a lot of people of the older generations will vote against Obama. He is black. There will be that vote. A lot of Americans carry that prejudice next to their apple pie and home hearth and country. Their America is still a white country. It doesn't matter there are now African American Senators and CEO's and Presidential candidates. The real American is white and the party holding that flag highest are the republicans and their leader John McCain. If you look at someone, then you recoginize their fundamental humanity. If you don't look at someone then they don't exist. In John McCains world there are only patriots, soldiers, and cowboys. And nobody is black.

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