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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The War Party

You better get your helmets or get out to vote. The Palin McCain ticket has one thing in store for all of you. Lest you have not watched the Republican convention the last few nights, then I will inform you. This is the WAR PARTY. America love it or leave it. If you are not for us then you are against us. And if you are the left or the media or anyone else who dares to criticise then you are the ENEMY. And we have the guns to prove it. Sara Palin is scary because she has the smalltown beliefs of the dullard who will gladly not get her daughter an abortion or send her son off to a war that by her own admission is won--so why does her son have to go risk his life now? No matter. This is the war party from the Texans to the Country singers. They offer fear and lots of it and if you think that faggoty skinny black guy is going to cut the mustard. THINK AGAIN.
They have the answer. It is a war story from forty some years before. They will tell us again and again that story until it becomes a religion, a way of viewing the world. You are either a hero or a coward. There is no gray line here. Right or wrong. Our way or the highway. it or leave it and by the way, it's our America. Our version. It is an apple pie version kept alive by the politics of fear. Poor Rudy. He is scarred. Who wouldn't be after 9/11. But he is not right. The world is not our enemy. If the World Trade Centers had not toppled would he want John McCain. Probably not. But it doesnt matter. Beat up on the skinny dreamer. Rip him to shreds and ignore the dirty secret of the republicans of the last eight years_they dont care about anyone but themselves. If you have money and you are white then maybe you get in the club, but for the rest of you poor slobs go join the misfits and fags and blacks and Mexicans and all the other wierdos that is the rest of the world. The war party has no use for undesirables. Just clean white Americans who are ready to die for their country and of course they are rich so they won't have to do die. No, the poor demorcats will die. The ones who don't exist in thier world.
So you better vote this time or get your helmet. Because one thing is for sure with McCain and his sidekick Sara Billy the Kid Palin--we are going to war.

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