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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Top Gun

Right into the danger zone...right into the danger zone....
"Yes sir."
"If you do another fly by with your walker then you're out."
"Yes sir."
"Another thing you never EVER leave your wingman."
"Yes sir."
"Turncoat would forgive you but I won't."
Maverick pauses, leaning forward.
"Sir we were surrounded by FRCC's."
"You mean Far Right Chrisitan Coalitions."
"Yes sir..and well Turncoat is Jewish sir and he's short and you know, is in favor of a womans right to choose."
"That may be, but first of all the FRCC's don't even know what a Jew is and you're just going to have to acccept the fact that Turncoat is different, but he's loyal and gone through hell to be your wingman."
"Well sir, I was kind of thinking maybe Youbetcha might be my wingman"
"Cadet Palin is too new. I know she's the new hotshot, but she doesn't have enough experience yet."
"Yes sir."
Maverick walks into the hall.
"What happened?"
"Don't worry Turncoat, you're still my wingman."
"Phew, thanks Mav, I won't let you down."
"Wait a minute, I have to talk to Youbetcha for a moment."
"Hello Maverick."
"About that seminar the other day. I wanted to let you know, I really didn't think your speech during the Obama nomination was the worst Id ever seen, but I couldn't let anyone else know I had fallen for you and wanted to be your wingman. The way you handled yourself with the FRCCs was really something."
"Thanks Youbetcha."
"Well...gotta go big boy."
"See you around Youbetcha."
Right into the danger zone...right into the dangerzone.
"Mav! Mav! There are FRCCs all around us."
"I see them Turncoat."
Maverick thinking...Never Leave My Wingman Never Leave My Wingman..
"Mav! There's even more of them!"
"Don't worry Turncoat, I'll hit the brakes and they'll fly right by."
"Mav, there's something coming through the headset."
"That's Raisin McCain, Turncoat, my song."
"You have a song?"
"Big hit from country bar to country bar, Turncoat."
"Mav, Mav...more FRCC's!"
" The brake thing didn't work...listen Turncoat, I think we have make a change here."
"What do you mean?"
"Well...I think I'm going with Youbetcha for my wingman."
"Mav, what about Country first?'
"You got that wrong, Turncoat , that was Me First."
"Mav, don't hit the ejector--MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAV!"
Maverick lands on the Carrier.
Youbetcha turns, tossing her hair.
"Ya, Maverick."
"You are hot, viscious, you can talk, you can field dress a moose, your married to the first dude, and the FRCCS love you. Besides, you can steer me around on stage when I dont know what to do."
"Are you saying, you want me to be your wingman, Maverick?"


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