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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Captain McCain can not turn from this ice berg. He is steaming right toward it and there is nothing anyone can do now. Even the high drama of the MAVERICK will not save him now. Even the pushed up breasts and sassy butt of Palin Inc. will not divert his passengers. Even as he tries dramatically to halt the election and run for Washington to save the day he knows that the iceberg is waiting. It has been there all along in the cold darkness, waiting to gash the good ship RAISIN MCCAIN and there is nothing the old pilot can do but turn the ship hard to starboard and wait for that death gash. He did a pretty good job in the ice fields, swerving and weaving, distracting his passengers with the scenery, but that steel edged berg is now tearing those old steel plates away. It was always the economy. It didnt matter if he thought he was unsinkable or if Mrs. YOUBETCHA brought a few extra lifeboats--that blue berg was still there watiing. Now it is tearing the guts out of the ship and McCain is foundering. The economy has crashed and guess who was at the helm--the REPUBLICANS and you know what, JOHN IS A REPUBLICAN. Even the politics of fear cannot change the fact he simply doesnt have enough life boats. Its Wall Street Bankers and Investors First and what do you know, we dont have enough boats for the middle class. They will just have to swim for it in the icy cold waters of the Atlantic and wait for the next ship. And even though those republicans have plenty of room in their life boats, dont expect them to come back. They dont want to risk being swamped. No they'll just sit in their boats, sip a little champagne, sigh, and think about 2012.

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