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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Professor and the Old Man

John McCain is a lucky son of a gun. He could have been smoked by anyone else, but the professor from Harvard is more egalitarian, more civil than most of your juggler grabbing politicians. Consider when John McCain said in the first debate that the military didn't lose the war in Vietnam. The logical question from Barack shoudl have been, well then, who lost it John? He would have brimmed with pleasure, telling the canard again about how the war in Vietnam was lost by the American public or the bearded bums. So what you are saying John is the American people are not to be trusted in terms of when and how we should go to war? Game over. McCain would have looked like the old pissed off solider he is. Or consider when he said Iraq was a dominoe and if it falls then all hell will break loose. Anyone hear of the dominoe theory before? That's what they used in Vietman to justify going in to that nightmare, if Vietnam goes Communist then the whole region will go. Guess what? Vietnam went Communist and the sky didn't fall. The politics of fear again that leads to the bridge to nowhere. Barack could have nailed him to the wall on that one too. How about this one-- as John was crying over dead soldiers and saying how this war was justified. How about the simple question, why are we in Iraq John? And what have those soliders died for? So Iraqis can have democracy? What about the rest of the world? Was there something special about Iraq besides Sadam Hussein? What are those soldiers dying for now? But Obama was too civil, too nice, too professorial to blast him. McCain will lose all the same, but the old man was dying to tell the world how the American public loses these wars and they are about to do it again--if only the professor had given him a nudge. Maybe next time.

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