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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Potters Not Buying--He's Selling!

Joe, do you think old man McCain would let you keep your house if you got behind on the rent? Don't you see what's happening here? McCains not buying, he's selling! We can get through this thing, but we have to stick together. McCain just bought the conservatives and we are the only ones left now. Why? Because we are panicking and he's not. (Siren, crow squawk) Don't you see, it started way back when they stole the election from Gore. They knew then we would panic and we did. Then they did it again with John Kerry by swiftboating him and scaring us to death. Now we can get through this, but we have to be stick together. They need the middle class to believe them so they can keep making money. The corporations need this. Don't you see, this is not just an election, this is about a way of life. Now, we can do this, but we have to not fall for it again. We know the middleclass doesnt stand a chance with the republicans. We know they are just for the rich. Why? Because they always have been! But they need to sucker the people again. They need the middle class, because they are the working class and this is all about fodder. The machine needs fodder so the people at the top can keep getting rich. Nope, nope, nope. We aren't going to fall for it again. They spin their little webs and tell us the world is full of evil people and if we dont vote for who they want then we wont be safe. Why Ill bet that in the whole world the republicans are nothing but a bunch of scurvey little spiders! But we have to keep our heads. We can't let them tell us that Obama is a muslim or unpatriotic or inexperieneced. Now they are just saying these things because they want to keep giving you the crumbs while they take the cake. Dont you see, they want you take the lousy jobs they have and take from you the very best years of your life so they can sit by some pool with all the oil rich fat cats. So, you understand now, don't you, capitalism is about how many people you can dupe and they have duped us for eight long years. Why? Because McCain's not buying, not really, he's selling, and it's you and me he's selling out.

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