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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Old Soldier

John McCaine gave his acceptance speech. He told us again about being a POW. He told us how he changed and then dedicated his life to his country. So what. We are talkign about running for President--NOT BEING A SOLDIER. Since when did the military became part of the Executive branch of government? Since when did the qualities of a soldier qualify someone to be President of the United States? There are LOTS OF HEROES. They are in Irag right now. They are heroes. They are soliders. BUT THEY ARE NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL. The republicans want us to believe that being a good soldier and being a good President are one in the same. THEY ARE NOT. THERE IS A REASON WE DONT HAVE GENERALS AS COMMANDERS IN CHIEF. You know why? Because military people are linear. They have tunnel vision. You are either for us or against us. THEY ARE NOT CIVILIANS. They are trained to follow orders or give orders. That's it. A President must consider ALL possiblities--military and DIPLOMATIC. John McCain and the boys (and Sarah) would have us believe that the military man is superior to the duly elected official. One is an autocrat--the other a diplomat. An old solider is not a an old President. There is a disconnect here. McCain wants us all to take the POW I DIDNT GIVE UP MY BUDDIES STORY as proof he woudl be a a great President. He was a great soldier not a great PRESIDENT. But the republicans have once again blurred the line. We are at war. We are always at war so we need a SOLDIER. An OLD soldier to save us. Really, what we need is for an soldier to do what all old soldiers do...they just fade away.

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