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Sunday, September 14, 2008

High Noon

Sarah the Kid Pailin is not going away. They all want Barack to concentrate on Old Boy McCain, but Kid Palin is coming and everyone knows it. Gary Cooper knew it when he saw the whole town had left him to face the killers alone. Even if you never saw the movie, High Noon, the plot is a snap. A lone sherriff suddenly finds the whole town has deserted him because the killers return has in it the implied threat you will be next. So is with Barack. He cannot get away from Palins dead eye by talking issues with McCain. People will not now forget there is a new sherrif in town and she is looking for blood. She stated long ago she wanted to be President and there is only one skinny black dude between she and the First Dudes ride to the White House. Barrack cannot escape. The pundits will not turn. This will not go back to the issue based election of yesteryear. Sarah the Kid Palin has called Barack out on his own turf of personality and she has one to rival his right now. No, she's looking for blood. There has to be a showdown because the American political system just swerved to the right and a coup de etat occurred during the RNC when McCain impeached himself. That leaves Barack and Kid Palin. No one else is left in town. Hillary left a while ago with Billy the Kid--two people who could have handily trounced the fast action gun slinging of the newcomer--but they got of of Dodge after the DNC. So all Biden can do is try and cover Barack's back, while he walks out into the cold afternoon light and faces down the last hard gasp of an ideology that will only leave one man, or one woman, standing--because it's high noon and someone has got to go.

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