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Friday, September 5, 2008


What does COUNTRY FIRST even mean? Whose country? Ours? Over what? Other countries? Ourselves? The planet? Country first over global warming? Country first over Dalfour? Over the enviroment? The Russians? The Koreans? Our enemies? And whose defintion of country are we talking about? John McCains? George Bush? Barack Obama? Obviously it is John McCains country we are talking about and it that is true then he is the only one putting it first. His nationalism over mine. His patriotism over ours. What an insulting statement. COUNTRY FIRST. It implies no HAS put country first except John McCain and the republicans and the country western cowboys singing RAISING MCCAIN. The implied statement in Country first is that we all need a civics lesson. NONE of us have measured up to John McCains forged in hell committment to country. COUNTRY FIRST BELONGS TO THOSE WHO HOLD THE SIGNS AND THE REPUBLICANS ASSUME THEY HAVE THE LOCK ON PATRIOTISM. So it is up to the Country First republicans to determine who is worthy to die in a war. It is up to them to decide who will go to war because only the republicans really LOVE THIER COUNTRY.
Country First is nationalism gone bad. It is fear mongering, flag waving determinism. It is our way or the highway once again. Country First really says REPUBLICANS FIRST because only WE know what is good for the country. Only WE know who the real Americans are. Not you poor slobs who never went to war or cried during the Star Spangled Banner. Watch out my friends. When the flags start waving, be sure you are on the right side because someone is going to start dying soon and the COUNTRY FIRST proponents are going to tell us who where and why.
It is autocratic, dictatorial, wrapped in the flag disnigenuousness. It is the worst kind of patriotism because it assmues only one form of citizenship is valid. It is dangerous because the standard bearer sets the definitiona and we must follow or be ostricized. America, John, was never about following somone or some ideal blindly, it is about choice. The choice to question ones country, the right, not the defamation of character over dissent. I can only hope COUNTRY FIRST will go the way of all slogans and buttons and bumper stickers that are designed to scare, intimidate, and manipulate--into the ashheaps of failed elections.

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