Friday, June 24, 2016

Madam President Will Need a New Deal

FDR put through the New Deal because he knew the country was about to go into revolution. Doug McArthur had fired on the Bonus Army marchers and there were people who said capitalism didn't work for the many and the Russians had the right idea. Communism was more equitable. Even manufacturing understood this and one of their motivations for giving the Chicago Worlds Fair of 1933 millions of dollars and showcasing their goods was to get the country buying again and to keep it from going "Bolshevik".

The Brits just took a turn to the hard right. Not unlike what the Germans did when a paper hanger failed art student giving speeches in beer halls told them the Jews were to blame for their economic woes and he would give them back their pride and their country. And we have the Donald aping that paper hanger and promising to restore America back to her place. Close the borders and batten down the hatches and the jobs will return.

It doesnt matter if he is wrong Madam President has to recognize the  boat is top heavy and go bold with  New Deal type of programs to get people to not go down Britain's path. There is too much money at the top and it has drained the middle class. The great irony is a man worth ten billion dollars is claiming he can right the ship. A thousand families could live on his fortune for years. If he really wants to make America great, he could give back all that money. Short of that, Madam President should take a page from FDR and take note of a Britain that is no longer Great.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Trump Doesn't Want to Be President

Ever know someone who doesn't like their job. They grouse about their bosses, their pay, the hours, the people they have to work with. Some times they call their coworkers names and spread vicious rumors and outright lies. They will do anything to move up and they believe everyone they work with knows less than they do. Ultimately they would just like to quit but they can't because they need the money. Sound like someone you know?

How about this. Donald Trump really does not want to be President. He would rather golf in Scotland while his campaign drifts with a couple million in the bank.  He really doesn't like the republicans or the RNC or just about anyone he has to work with. He only likes people who work for him. And he sure would like to quit and just forget about the whole thing but he needs the money or at least the brand building.

Lets face it. If he quits his brand will take a hit. And the sneak suspicion is that he doesn't have all the money he says he does. Madam President questioned his money and she might be right. What if he just added up all his buildings and didn't subtract what he owed. Then there are those tax returns.. What might they show. The truth is the ten billion dollar man would rather be golfing than run for President. In fact he is.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

What if Trump Quits on Madam President?

Remember playing football or a pickup game of baseball.  Remember there was always one kid who had to win. He would cheat or scream and yell if he didn't get his way. And a lot of times you gave in. Same in board games. There was always one kid who had to win at Sorry or Risk or checkers. But sometimes the game would go against the kid and he would start to lose. Maybe he got tackled too hard or he got tagged out or he lost all his money in Monopoly. Then he would just quit. Take his football and go home. Usually with a final, I don't want to play this game anymore!

And couldn't you just see the Donald doing that to Hillary? They are playing a game now in a sense. Its called Who Can Get Elected President. And the Donald likes the game when he's winning. In the primary he swept the board and wanted to play more. But now he's beginning to lose and the Republicans dont really like him. He has  a million to Hillary's forty two million. He is tanking in the polls. If it was Monopoly Hillary would have all the properties and the Donald would be down to a couple hundred bucks.

And you can just see it. I quit! You can see the shrug. Ah its all rigged and you know what folks I have a great life anyway and I just don't want to do this anymore. And so the Donald quits and leaves Hillary there with her forty two million bucks. He could then say he didn't ever really want to be president he just wanted to win the primary. The Republicans would scramble around and put Mitt Romney up and get clobbered but not destroyed.

And the Donald., he could take his football home and kick  it around the yard by himself .Its more fun anyway than playing with other people, because you always win when you play by yourself.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Monday, June 20, 2016

Angry White Men

I know  alot of angry white men. They hate Hillary. Lothe her. Love Donald. They live in the hinterlands and suburbs. Some exist on Social Security or small savings. Things have not worked out. The American Dream did not pay off. A lot of them  worked in the industrial old economy. Some have retired but not really. They don't have enough money to go out to eat a lot and have to lease their cars. They wish the world would turn back into one of  big expense accounts and company cars and big fat salaries.

If there is anyone the angry white men hate more than Hillary it is Obama. They get red in the face when they talk about how the White House was taken over. A coup no less. Obamacare is destrorying the country y along with Rachel Madddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. Thank God for Fox News. At least there are a few real Americans among the lame stream media. And Sarah Palin was a babe and had some really good ideas. Too bad that POW from Vietnam blew the election.

The angry white mans wife is mad too. After all she got parked too and has been forced to watch the world careen into insanity with gay marriage, African American presidents. You cant even go to the bathroom anymore or you might walk in on a man dressed like a woman. Donald is their only hope. The angry white man sees this election as the last fall back, the battle of the bulge of the old good world where mom  was home, Leave it To Beaver was on and we didnt even know we had gay people.

And we sure as hell didnt think about electing a woman for a president.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Monday, June 13, 2016

Madam President Will Have To Take on the AR 15

They designed it for Vietnam to match the Russian Kalashnikov. It was light weight, versatile, fired on automatic or manual. The M 16 could go under water and fire and take just about anything. And it was deadly. A  soldier could wipe out a squadron of Viet Cong with his M 16. Soldiers loved the rifle and there it should have stayed. It was designed to kill people. The problems is it's cousin the AR 15 is now the gun of choice of the mass murderers of the twenty first century. And the American people are in it's crosshairs.

Lets not go on about the NRA. People may kill people and not guns,  but someone will have to take on the fact a weapon designed to kill massive amounts of people is accessible to any self radicalized budding jihadist in America. Hillary Clinton is the only candidate willing to take on the gun industry. Bernie won't. Donalds answer is to lock and load. But the truth is we are all a target now. Think on this. One person killed forty nine people and wounded another forty. He could only do that with massive firepower.

Access to automatic weapons is killing us. We know this now. Sandy Hook. Orlando. San Bernandino. Madam President will have her biggest challenge getting the AR 15 back into the hands of the military and not civilians. The dark jungles of Viet Nam have given us a horrible legacy and it's killing Americans in record numbers. Fifty is now the benchmark.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Time for Madam President and Bernie To Dance

Game over. Hard to swallow when you  lose. Ask any athlete. We have all been there. Even spectator sports can be that way. Ask any Bears fan and they can tell you the feeling. And up to now any Cubs fan. The feeling that somehow you were robbed. That someone didn't play fair. I remember when my son played baseball and we had lost the championship game on a close call. I even called the league commissioner to complain. But we had lost.

And now Bernie has lost. It is hard to believe his campaign imploded with a loss in California. The come from behind Socialist almost seemed like he might slingshot himself into the front runner light. But the math was against him and Bernie made some mistakes along the way. But there was inevitability of history on the side of Hillary Clinton. Someone had to break through for women and it was Hillarys destiny to be that person.

And so now Bernie says he will fight on. To what end. He has lost in every way. By math and by the popular vote. The glimmer of hope has been snuffed. The rallies are just rallies now. There is no payoff. Time to dance with Madam President and get what you can.

Madam President

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Madam President Breaks the Glass Ceiling

Alice Paul and the sufferegettes would be smiling. The women's rights activist who was put into any insane asylum and force fed after being imprisoned and beaten for protesting to get women the right to vote could only marvel that it took this long for a woman to be nominated to become President of the United States. Fifty years after African Americans had the vote women still did not. But Alice Paul and others fought for the right and paid a heavy price. And now Hillary Clinton, like her or hate her, has become the Democratic nominee to become President of the United States.

Not be outdone Donald Trump has just claimed he broke the glass ceiling with hiring women in the construction industry. Alice Paul would yawn on that one. But this time Hillary finally broke through. She had come close before but now it really was one small step for women one giant leap for women kind. The narrative for a  woman president has been mostly lost in the Trump onslaught. He has managed to push the election into the circus arena where any true accomplishments is buried under Trump theatrics.

We are jaded to history now. It has become a bit passe. We had the first black President and now we have the possibility of a woman President. The moment is mostly lost under noise, but the women who chained themselves to the White House gates during Woodrow Wilsons presidency and endured cold and misery during the winter of 1919 would appreciate the significance of this moment. The glass ceiling has finally been shattered.

Madam President

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