Wednesday, February 10, 2016

President Sanders...The Socialist

And if you think middle America is ready for that then I have a bridge in Brooklyn for you. Did you miss Donald Trumps riff during his victory speech? It was fast but it presages the future. "This Bernie Sanders guy, he is going to give everything away." It was fast and deft and ignored by the media but it was just a glimmer for what is waiting for the Senator from Vermont. Trump is not Hillary. Bernie is enjoying an amazing cake walk with the very civilized Hillary. She has not once attacked him for being a Socialist but the Donald will begin and end there and Bernie will be back in Vermont making pancakes.

A Socialist is someone who believes in the ownership of the Means of Production. Which means manufacturing, .Everyone gets a piece of the pie. The opposite of Capitalism. The Donald believes who owns the pie gets the pie. Bernie believes the pie should be divvied up by the government and given to the people who need it. Democratic Socialism is very close to it;s cousin Communism. Except  in Communism one has a police state that owns just about everything. Here is Wikepedias take on it. "By the 1920s, social democracy and communism became the two dominant political tendencies within the international socialist movement.[31] During the 20th century, socialism emerged as the most influential secular political-economic worldview.[32] While the emergence of the Soviet Union as the world's first nominally socialist state led to socialism's widespread association with the Soviet economic model."

Ok. Bernie is not bringing Communism to America. But he is bringing Socialism and Trump will conflate the two and by the end Carl Marx and Bernie Sanders will be interchangeable and you heard it here first Bernie will end up with a red star on his furry hat in Trump attack ads. I like Bernie. I always have. But if he is the Democratic nominee then you better get used to saying President Trump because the Donald will eat him alive. 

We Already Had Our First Woman President

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Donald Trump Called Ted Cruz A Cat

Why did Donald Trump call Ted Cruz a cat? Actually he didn't' use the word cat but another word that pertains to female anatomy. It is actually a very old word. It happened last night when a woman called out that Ted Cruz is a cat. Except he didnt say cat but something that rhymes with hussy or fussy with more of an oh sound. And the Donald being the Donald asked the audience if they heard the woman and to make sure they did he repeated it. Ted Cruz is a cat.

When I was a kid it was the ultimate insult. It mean someone who wouldn't fight or wouldn't stand up for themselves. It brought about the image of someone who might just dry up in front of you. The actual word at that time wasnt the straight line it is today. No then it right to your manhood or boyhood and you had one choice and that was to fight or retreat when called a cat. So you usually fought.

Which brings us to Trumps motivation. Break another taboo. The networks couldn't even repeat it. Rachel Maddow looked like she might melt when she ran the tape. Other woman anchors looked as if someone had just brought some rotten food in the room. But for Trump it was pure effect and that was to tell his supporters he will say anything anywhere and they love him for it. So here's to Ted Cruz...the cat.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The End Run Around Hillary Won't Work This Time

 In a galaxy far far away a Senator from Illinois did an end run around Hillary Clintons left side and took away the nomination. Up until then Hillary was the progressive alternative and then, then a good looking, articulate, African American  swung around her and cornered the left side of the field and she could never get it back. And now unbelievably, an old Senator from Vermont is following the same game plan and swinging left to see if he can take away her progressive mantle and snatch the nomination or at least New Hampshire. Amazingly, it looks like it might work again, except...Bernie Sanders will lose.

They say Millennials are white, suburban, with their biggest anxiety being what college they were going to with helicopter parents ready to hover right up to say age forty while they live at home. They may think Bernie can give them a bye on their student loans and readjust the cork at the top keeping the good jobs and money from them. But it is a fiction not because Bernie wont get it through Congress (see Obama) but because he will never get near the White House. Here is why and this is for the Millenials.

You know those funny people called your parents. You know their friends. You know those older people who are even older than your parents. They are called the Moral Majority. They will hear one thing coming from the mouth of Donald Trump and one thing only. It will not be Socialist. It will be COMMUNIST and they will not know the difference and they will not care. They will hear the one thing over and over...ANYONE BUT THE COMMUNIST.

I have followed Bernie Sanders for years and he is sincere and dead on about income inequality. But whoever faces him in November will yell from the rooftops. Do you want to elect a socialist?  Do you want to elect a communist? And the answer from that titanic boomer swell will be a resounding NO. So when you go to vote think about this, the end run may be great for now and you may feel like you are finally being represented. But this is not 2008 and while Bernie Sanders is articulate, passionate and sincere, he is not Barack Obama. He is a seventy four year old socialist hoping the country can catch up with his  vision. Sounds familiar, huh?

Madam President--The Presidency of Edith Wilson

The Smack Down of Marco Rubio

If you watched the Republican Debate then you know where the Nixon/ Kennedy moment was. It was the moment Nixon broke out in puddles of sweat and Kennedy looked cool and urbane, the telegenic President. And that sweaty moment for Marco Rubio occurred when the USS Christie let go his broadside salvo and blew the dinghy Rubio out of the water. The smack down produced the same water boy who had given the Republican Response to Obama punctuated with slugs from a bottle of water. Awkward does not do that moment justice.

So Christie did the hatchet work for Bush and Company when he called out Rubio for his canned twenty five second speech on President Obama's shortcomings. Marco was ignoring Christie's attack on his record with typical debate tactics of not answering the question and swinging into a campaign speech. The Rubio speech crumpled this time when Christie said, "Here it comes, listen for it, the twenty five second speech." And then Rubio did it again.

But between these two moments Rubio looked like a kid who just had his soccer ball taken away. In short,he stumbled. And Christie finished up with several blasts from his big guns leaving Rubio taking water and not even bailing. He simply retired from the field without a whimper or a comeback. He was punch drunk. He was the duck hit on the head. And he was out. The Rubio robot simply lost connectivity and had to reboot.

And one might hate Donald Trump or Ted Cruz for their belief's but at least they are their belief's. They are not scripted. They are not looking for the latest trending tweet to capitalize on the moment. Everyone knows Rubio can't stand being in the Senate. He wants to be President and he will memorize any speech he can to get there. And Chris Christie certainly has his issues. But in the final moment it was Chris Christie being Chris Christie and Marco Rubio being whoever he thinks will be the best person to get elected President. Hopefully. he was wearing a life preserver.
Madam President--The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Cool Guy and the Mom

You remember growing up. Dad was always cool and mom was always tense. Dad would breeze in from work and be the joking funny guy while mom was telling you to pick up your clothes take out trash brush your teeth and clean up your room. Dad made funny faces and set policy while mom did the shit work required to keep the house running .Mom worked on your homework while dad watched a ball game and if you asked him for some help he would stare at the math or your English and frown and then say you better ask your mother.

And now we have Bernie and Hillary. The cool guy who all the kids love and the Mom. If you watched the debate this dynamic was in perfect relief. There is Hillary looking tense and losing her temper while Bernie the dad played it cool and was the funny guy getting the laugh lines while mom did the shit work of saying you know that will never work. But Bernie played it with dad aplomb and  nobody wanted to hear Hillary's reality. Dad is cool and of course things will work out and mom is just all fussy and cranky and kind of a drag.

The truth is though without your mom your house would have imploded. Dad had no f-ing idea what was really going on. He had no idea you needed braces needed to go the doctor needed new clothes or that your teacher was on your ass. He had no idea you didn't have friends and mom made you cookies because you didn't make the team or weren't invited to a party. Dad was clueless and mom would let him come in and play the big man while she cleaned up the mess.

Bernie talks a big game and he is sincere. And Hillary looks like a harassed woman who just says no we cant. But the truth is she will do the heavy lifting that a modern President must do. Barack Obama did not do that heavy lifting and he paid a price. Bernie's vision is killer but Hillary knows the real score and knows how to run the house. Dad was  cool and we all loved him... but mom kept us alive.

Madam President--The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hillary Clinton Will Not Be Our First Woman President

She was from the South and had two years of formal schooling and wrote like a child.  She married a quiet man from Washington and her baby died after three months. Her husband then died and left her with a failing jewelry company that was severely in debt. She turned the company around while taking almost no salary. She bought an electric car and was issued the first driver’s license given to a woman in the District of Columbia.  She married a President who had been recently widowed. In four years, the President would have a severe stroke, and leave her to run the Unites States Government and negotiate the end of World War I.

 She was our First Woman President. 

Her name was Edith Wilson and she was our first Woman President. She had married Woodrow Wilson four years before but in 1919 the President suffered a severe stroke and Edith had to take over. The press was never told the real situation and for two years Edith Wilson ran the government. President Wilson was paralyzed and couldn't talk initially and never left his bed except when he was wheeled out to the South Portico of the White House for air. 

 Edith oversaw the end of World War I and the Treaty of Versaille. When the treaty was defeated in the Senate Edith's role was pivitol and many would point to her isolation of the President as one of the reasons Wilson would not compromise. But for two years Edith made appointments, signed legislation, and ushered the country through the postwar years. It is a testament to her unrelenting devotion to Woodrow Wilson that she kept it a secret up unitl she died. 

But now the evidence is clear. Hillary Clinton will be the second Woman President. Ninety seven years ago the glass ceiling was broken by a woman who had two years of schooling and no political training at all. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What Donald Trump Forgot At His Peril

The Middle Class has something called Middle Class Morality. It is what allows middle class people to slog through and raise their children, pay their mortgages, send their kids to college, become parents, then grandparents and perpetuate family above all else. Trump really believed the viewers of reality television were his electorate and they would carry him all the way into the White House. This goes against the grain of the code middle class people operate under.

The Middle class may watch reality television. They might even watch porn. But their day to day life is based on fundamental principals. Take the long view. A house. Raising kids. Community. Work toward retirement. Friends. Neighbors. Cut your lawn. Take out your trash. Get up on Monday and start all over again. They admire flash and sizzle. They are entertained by outlandish characters. But they have to go to bed to get up early and go to work.

This is what the Donald does not know at his peril. How could he? With his super model wife and billionaire purse he doesn't understand the fundamental struggle of the middle class that has to scratch and claw for every dollar and every moment  of leisure.  A society  is only as good as the fabric of the middle class and they have a definitive code. The Donald found that out in Iowa, but he was a day late and a dollar short.  How ironic. 

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