Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Madam President Better Get Ready for Shock and Awe

How bad will the Presidential Debate get? BAD. Trump has made a specialty of going where no man has gone before. We saw it in the Republican Debates. Remember Megan Kelly gushing blood from wherever. Or ugly Carly Farina. Or lying Ted. Or little Rubio. Or low energy Jeb. These were just warm ups. The nuclear weapon of Trumps arsenal will be be Bill Clintons infidelities. We all know this. Trump will keep this in reserve until the right moment...and then BOOM.

The details will be front and  center. Guaranteed. Everyone knows the story and Trump will go rogue and make sure the world knows it once again. And it will be lurid and lewd. Women naturally recoil from the explicit details of anything considered too graphic. Trump is hoping to do to Madam President what he has done to his rivals. Shock and Awe. Say something so outrageous they are shocked for a  moment and then he goes in for the kill. Not unlike a duck hit on the head.

This does two things. It allows Trump to take over the narrative and it  knocks his opponents off their feet. Jeb Bush never knew what hit him. Rubio tried to swing back and failed. Ted Cruz was eventually forced to defend his father. Family is not off limits and part of Shock and Awe will be to attack those who cannot defend themselves. Madam President should get someone who says the absolute worse to her in a debate practise. And I mean the absolute worse.  Things I cannot write here. Because Shock and Awe knows no boundaries.

And neither does Trump.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Monday, August 29, 2016

How Healthy Is Madam President In Comparison

No one knows what will happen to anyone. Presidents are just like everyone else. He was fine and then he died. We have heard this many times. She was great and then she got cancer. The President is remarkably fit. Or in Donald Trumps case he is "amazingly fit." This all comes down to some sort of bullet proof shield against mortality. It does not exist. We can protect against assassins but the dreaded disease can get through any Secret Service screen. There is simply no guarantee.

Take Reagen. Chopping wood. Riding horses. Out clearing brush on his ranch. Amazingly fit. I think the quote was the President has the constitution of a man half his age. And then he gets Alzheimer's and we don't know how bad it got but we think it was really bad at the end of his presidency and Nancy was making a lot of decisions. Or take Woodrow Wilson. Robust enough to win a second term and court and marry a woman fifteen years younger than he is. Then he has a debilitating stroke that put Edith Wilson in the White House.

Now lets take Hillary Clinton. She has been campaigning for over a year and has been under a barrage of attacks for years. She has literally been grilled for sixteen hours straight by House Republicans. Still, she smiles. Still she charges out. From FDR who died in office to Garfield who lingered after being shot for three months to Wilson who was an invalid for two years, we still have no clear definition of what constitutes being too sick to perform the job of President.

All we can hope is that someone is healthy going into the office. After that it is up to the Gods. And if experience is precedence... then Hillary Clinton looks pretty damn healthy.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Friday, August 26, 2016

How Madam President Ran the White House with no Education

She did it by making it up as she went along. Edith Wilson had two years formal education as a child but she was basically home schooled. So when she found herself having to step in for her husband Woodrow Wilson in 1919 as President she had to fall back on some basic coping mechanisms she had discovered in her life. She had survived the death of a husband and child and inherited a failing jewlery company. Edith was nothing if not dogged and she persevered and turned her first husbands struggling jewelry company around in three years and became a lady of means.

She did it by delegating and by dealing with what was in front of her. Same with the White House. When Woodrow became persona non grata behind the presidential bedroom door the first thing Edith did was prioritize. If something did not have to be dealt with immediately then it might not be dealt with at all. Business was conducted by correspondence in 1919 and many letters to the President were never opened and discovered years later in the National Archives. But that doesn't mean Edith was not attending to the business at hand.

Her biggest job was one of making sure essential business was completed. This meant she had to use the men around the president and delegate away from the President who could handle very little. Edith was a gatekeeper and if she needed presidential input then she would present it to Woodrow. Few people actually saw Wilson from 1919 to 1921 who Edith did not deem essential. Think of someone who is running a household with little help. Some of the bills won't get paid. The dog might not get fed. The house might be a wreck. But the mortgage would be paid and the lights kept on and the children fed.

In this way Edith Wilson kept the United States of  American running.

Order Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Madam President will have to take on the Leopard...

Without his spots. Or does a leopard ever really change his spots? Just ask Carol Anne Conway Trumps campaign manger. She is pulling off the spots as fast as she can. Even on Rachel Maddow she was busy taking away one after another until it seemed Trump was just another candidate with a few unorthodox methods. Never mind he called Hillary Clinton a bigot. What the American people should do is worry about the issues now and not get sidetracked into racism or bigotry or xenophobia. These are spots the Donald has now hidden.

But Madam President should be ready. If KellyAnne gets her way Trump 2.0 will bear little resemblance to the Hitlerian Nietchian uberman wanting to keep just about everyone out of the country. African Americans should love him now. Look what Hillary and the Democrats have done to the blacks in their neighborhoods of crack and gunfire and gangland killings. What do you have to lose as the leopard put it to African Americans. Kelly Ann thinks Americans should take another look and not worry about what Hillary and the others are saying. Donald is just unconventional.

But like any good salesman Trump is perfectly capable of changing not only his spots but his hair his suit his Guido smile and becoming Kelly Anne Conway. Just a woman doing the best she can and by the way she is the first female campaign manager. The leopard would appreciate that. It's not like he's a  misogynist. That spot was taken away along with the others. In fact the leopard will be appearing soon on Rachel Maddows show...naked!

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Sunday, August 14, 2016

It's Going To Get Worse for Madam President

There is a certain type of competitor. He will go all out and then when he realizes he is going to lose he figures anything goes. We see this all the time in sports. In the NFL we see a team getting blown out and then suddenly the cheap shots begin. People start taking out backs at the knees. Head shots. Late hits. Holding. Cheap shots on the quarterback. The regulated game gives way for a free for all of  revenge laden hits because it doesn't matter. Losing brings it own type of freedom.

And now we have Trump losing. The Second Amendment threat was just a warm up. Obama founding ISIS was a late hit .The real dirty hits will come on as the poll numbers swirl around the drain. Madam President will be viewed as the team that is winning and you want to inflict maximum damage on that  team. Payback for beating the losers.

And of course as kids we are familiar with this mentality. Many a game of checkers or Risk went asunder when the loser decided they had enough and the board hit the floor. The problem is that in football people can get really hurt. Paralyzed or even killed. In politics the late hits might just stir up someone enough to do the unthinkable.

william hazelgrove

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Madam President In the Crosshairs of the Second Amendment People

If you can't win any other way then destroy the game. Sociopath. No remorse. No guilt. Just ID. I hope his children are watching. But Madam President is now the target of every lone nut in the country. The politics of fear are nothing new. It started with George Bush after 9/11. Remember the color coded alerts. Seemed they would go off whenever the poll numbers started to fall. The new politics of fear involve black copters and the government coming for your guns. That's the card Donald played. Then he went one better.

Don Lemming on CNN could not take it any more. A Trumpster said the media had made it all up. Don went after the guy and ended up in a shouting match. Even the dispassionate anchors are disturbed. One candidate telling people to take out the other candidate. Lets see where do we put that one. Maybe a third world country. Maybe the United States. One thing is for sure if Donald Trump has his way there will be nothing United about us.

So Madam President better get a bullet proof vest. Donald wears one. He also packs. Madam President could get a Glock. I am sure the Secret Service just saw a spike in threats. Paul Ryan said it sounded like a joke gone bad. He better get out of Wisconsin and wake up. That joke could get someone killed.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Friday, August 5, 2016

How Tough Was the First Madam President?

Tough. Woodrow Wilson had a massive stroke and left Edith Wilson  to run the White House. She had two years of schooling and no experience in government. But she had the best on the job training with Wilson who treated her as a Co President. Still, the fact remained Wilson was fighting for his life while Edith had to close out World War I and deal with America transitioning back to a peace time economy after World War I. And she was a woman at a time when the vote was still two years off.

Her life had not been easy. Her parents could only afford to send her brother to college and Edith was left to be home schooled by her grandmother. Her first marriage ended when her husband died suddenly and left her with a badly in debt jewelry company. Her first son had died after three days. Edith could have sold off the jewelry company but she dug in and took almost no salary and in a few years turned a profit. She then bought an electric car and met a lonely widower named Woodrow  Wilson.

But when the world turned upside down Edith Wilson had to make it up as she went along. Her husband was barely hanging on while she fought for passage of The League of Nations, handled the cover up of her husbands illness, made appointments, ushered bills through passage, and kept the Wilson White House together through 1921. Suffragettes demonstrating outside the gates of the White House had no idea a woman was now President.

Edith Wilson had to fill the role President except she was a woman who had the backing of no one. As Ann Richards said of Ginger Rodgers, "she did everything Fred Astaire did but she it in heels and she did it backwards." An apt metaphor for the unknown First Woman President.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

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