Friday, April 8, 2016

Crazy Old Uncle Bernie

You know that crazy Uncle. He would get you laughing. Kind of cute in a weird old man way. Liable to go off on a rant and say all those things your mother and father would frown at. Like I'm going to break up the banks. Or you can have free college. Or I will help you with your student loans. Or the woman running against him is unqualified. Or you cant sue gun manufacturers. Or we are going to take all the money from the one percent and give it to the middle class,

And then mom would say, how are you going to do that Uncle Bernie? And just like Uncle Donald he didn't have a clue. We are just going to do it. Mom and dad would exchange glances over their coffee. Crazy Uncle Bernie had been through a series of jobs and always been a little unhinged. He would pop up on MSNBC as that Socialist from Vermont and say all the crazy things everyone wanted to say and then he would disappear.

Lately though Uncle Bernie has been getting drunk and hinting that if he can't have things his way then maybe he will let Uncle Donald start coming to the party. Uncle Donald was thrown out a long time ago after a fist fight broke out at Christmas. Well maybe I'll just ask Uncle Donald to come to the party if you don't like what I'm saying he sneered at the last get together. You have to wonder if Crazy Uncle Bernie might just be nuts.

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Friday, April 1, 2016


They are not Republicans. They are 46 percent of the Republican Party voting for Trump but they are not of the party. They are Revopublicans. They want revolution like Susan Sarandon who says if Bernie does lose that it is better to have Donald Trump because he will blow it all up faster. Isn't that was the Revopublicans want really? To blow it all up because lets face it the American Dream has not delivered and people who are promised something that gets taken away get really pissed. And Revopublicans are pissed.

So lets stop the fiction that they are Republicans. They aren't. They are people who do not like gay marriage, an African American President, women's rights, Muslims, gun laws, multiculturalism, tech, globalism just about any ism except Fascism. They want the world to roll back to about 1955 when America was on top and the rest of the world was on bottom and we had womb to tomb jobs and mom was in the kitchen and dad was coming home from the factory with time to spare and a couple of cars in the garage.

They want Leave it To Beaver and all that world implies and they do not recognize this world. They don't recognize Smartwatches or working from home or 1099 wages or someone in Pakistan knocking them out of a job for two bucks an hour. They don't recognize half the television shows or the movies and they sure don't recognize anyone who is a Democrat. They recognize walls, deportations, bans, citizen patrols, criminalizing abortion, and putting a women in her place. And if it doesn't work out then better to blow the whole thing up.

Just ask Susan Sarandon.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Madam Presidents Cool Head

The perspective is that you have more chance of getting struck by lightning, falling and killing yourself in your bathroom, having an asteroid knock you out, getting run over in front of your home, dying in a plane crash, having a building fall on you, a tree fall on you, getting hit by a foul ball at a baseball game than you do  of dying from an act of terrorism. Yet we feel as if that bomb is just around the next corner. And The Donald and the The Ted both want us to feel that way.

Muslim bans and Muslim Patrols. But of course part of us wants these things. It is concrete action in a world of endless threat. And the media makes us think we are next. Hillary doesn't grab headlines with her lets approach this intelligently but really that is all we have. The Muslim Patrols wont work and banning everyone who looks like a Muslim wont work either. But both men are banking on the fear vote. It worked for George Bush.

The politics of fear are very real. That cow was milked for years after 9/11. The statistics don't matter. It is going to happen. It will happen. The Russians are coming. The Germans are coming. History is full of the machinations of fear for political ends. But the truth is we should really put up a lightning rod, an extra rubber mat in the bathroom and look both ways before we leave the curb in front of our house. That actually will keep us safer.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What Is So Bad About Madam President?

I don't get the comparisons by the NY Times between the Donald and Hillary.  People don't trust Hillary like they don't trust the Donald. People dislike Hillary the same way they don't like the Donald. I guess I must be missing something here. Trump is a xenophobic misogynist bigoted racist w ho wants to deport eleven million people build the wall of china and kick out all the Muslims. Hillary wants to....reform health care, help minorities and regulate the banks. Huh.

The Donald started Donald U and fleeced people out of 35k a pop and wont settle with anyone in court because he hates to lose. A class action suit is pending. The Donald went BK four times and left banks holding the bag on his casinos and defended it by saying everyone does it. Hillary didn't throw her body down in front of the attackers at Benghazi and used her own email account for government business.  Ok.

The Donald habitually insults women, other candidates, destroys people with his tweets, and encourages people to beat up protesters at his rallies and balks at disavowing white supremacist and gets in smack downs with Megan Kelly  on Fox News and says she is bleeding from everywhere and that she has no talent and is a bimbo. Hillary got snippy with Bernie at a debate and smiles too much and laughs at weird times and took fees for speeches to Wall Street.

I guess if you look at the two sideways and through a filter with sunglasses on  in the dark of night after you drink a twelve pack and get stoned, then yeah, The Donald and Hillary are kind of maybe kind of alike in a weird sort of New York Times way.
Madam President

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Madam President Ignores Trumpeteers at Her Peril

They are mad. Just like the Bonus Army that marched on Washington after World War I for back pay. They were fired on by troops led by Doug MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhower. The country was broke and hurting and these vets wanted was due them. The Trumpeteers are angry, broke, old economy, pissed, unemployed, disenfranchised, pushed over, redundant, tech remedial and looking for someone to blame for the America that ran away and became multicultural driven by Smart Phones and now Gear Watches. They are the Trumpeteers who are iron filings to the lightning rod that is Donald Trump.

And Trump should not be elected for the obvious reasons. But you have this large slice of the American pie that is smoldering and threatening to blow the bottom out of the ship. FDR knew this in 1933. He knew that if he didn't do something bold and fast that America would turn turtle and quite possibly go Communist or some other form of government because capitalism had proven inadequate for the masses. The New Deal was the ultimate patch and it worked and kept America afloat but the looters had been at it again and that patch is leaking badly

Enter Trump. The unwitting fool draining off all that anger. Too bad he is an authoritarian xenophobe but history gives us these guys when the wheels come off.  And the best thing Madam President can do is go into overdrive to start redirecting this anger by bold programs. The Second Revolution is here and it is tech and the old industrial America is fading with robots, scanners, and microchips. Eliminating Trump will not solve the problem, We need another patch and it better hold this time.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson 

Friday, March 18, 2016

The New GQ Worker Voting For Trump

Full disclosure. I work a lot in Starbucks. So I see people and they stick with me. I have been seeing the white men who have not been able to get a job for a long time. But there is one who is very interesting. He rides a bike. No car. He has been going to Starbucks for maybe ten years. He is the GQ of the unemployed blue collar worker of 2016 marginalized by the economy and tech with his job probably residing somewhere in China or India. He is an unwitting  testament to socialism.

He wears new jeans and new construction boots. His boots a million teenagers already have, tan,  maybe Tilleys. Probably sixty bucks on sale. He has a phone. A smart phone. He has the keys on his belt and gloves sprouting out of his back pocket. He has the baseball cap and sunglasses and the mustache. He has a Timberlake vest and a laptop and a backpack that could easily be used to go hiking in Colorado. He is the modern well heeled blue collar dude drinking a Butter Scotch Machiatto served scalding hot. His directions. They all know him.

Yet he does not work. He will never work. He is probably clipping seventy and exists on Social Security, food stamps, Medicaid, maybe an old Workman's comp claim. He is not hurting. He sits in a brand new Starbucks watching YouTube videos and goes out to smoke and stare at an office building under construction. Then he returns and stares at his computer. He is severely right wing and used to shout about the Muslim President who wasn't even born here. He detests the Socialist Bernie and that bitch Hillary. He is voting for Trump. He is ours.
Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Why My Dad Won't Vote For Madam President

The conversations are always political and usually heated and then we talk about baseball the bears what we had for dinner, movies, weather. But one thing makes my dad go through the roof, Hillary Clinton. She would be the worst President! She used her emails for state business! I cant stand that woman! It goes on and one. OK. So why the son asks the father. Why don't you like Madam President dad. As Bernie says who cares about your damn emails! So server shenanigans aside why wont you vote for her?

The sputtering continues. She's dishonest. She lies. Yawn. And the Donald is not? But from here we go  off the cliff. There seems to be this thing with older white men and Hillary. The NY  Times claims she has lost this group. So we continue. Benghazi! What about it? She got those men killed. Hmm. You saw the movie? Yes!  More one liners from media land but after the emails and the embassy in Libya we don't really have anywhere to go. So the question remains why do white males of a certain age dislike Hillary Clinton.

Maybe she is too smart. My dad will certainly vote for Trump which raises the question; why is a xenophobic, racist, bigoted, blowhard with a bad comb over more preferable than an experienced woman who really does want to change things for the better? He hated Obama so maybe the whole African American/woman glass ceiling thing. Some sort of mystical all smart women are bitchy which would go back to some sort of loss of patriarchal rule, loss of power, loss of sexual superiority. Smart watches and women Presidents. Where did the good old days go?  If you go into drugstore psychology then we really fall off the cliff. So we agree to disagree and its back to movies, baseball, and weather. Such as it is with fathers and sons.
Madam President

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