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Thursday, February 16, 2017

What Happened to the Kindle?

You remember that funny thing that lit up and then went dead really fast. Or how about that thing you tried to read in the sun and it was like a black piece of slate. Or that thing where you never knew what page you were on and couldn't tell when you would finish the book or if the pages were marked and you couldn't spill jelly or coffee on it or throw it in your backpack or get it wet or find that one book you know you downloaded but now it is just gone. You know the thing that was supposed to be the IPOD of books. What happened to it?

I know I know. There are a lot of people out there who are happy kindle users but it is weird when the hardcover of my book  outpaces the kindle by four to one. People seem willing to plunk down 29.00 for a hardcover instead of getting an electronic version of less than half the price. The bigger question is why didn't it blow away all those pulpy books especially hardcovers.
Could it be readers are different than people who listen to music and while spotify tore the music biz to pieces the kindle fizzled like a bottle rocket.

The rub on this is the kindle flat lined somewhere and the novelty wore off and people went back to buying books. I am a perfect example. My kindle is jammed with books. And for a while that was my thing. No more books. Just electronic. But I missed marking up my books, I missed bending the pages, knowing how far i had to go...I missed READING a book. It is different. When I asked my comp class  in college who had a kindle? Not one hand went up.

So maybe it will come back. But until then bring on the coffee and jelly and bend back those pages and throw that bad boy by the tub. And the great thing is you don't have to plug it  in. My own kindle sits on my dresser...covered in dust.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CREEP becomes CEPT

The Committee to Reelect the President. That is what Nixon called the organization that hired the Watergate burglars. The Watergate burglars broke into the DNC Headquarters and got caught. The rest is history. So what should we call the committee to elect President Trump. CEPT. Has a ring. CEPT has been caught communicating with the Russians during the election.  So here is the question. Why?

Why was CEPT talking to the Russians during the campaign? If their job is to elect President Trump then obviously they had to be talking about matters pertaining to the election. Is this so hard to connect the dots on this? They were not calling the Russians to discuss policy except maybe they were and then the question is what kind of policy would CEPT want to have if their main concern is to elect Trump.

None of this is Rocket Science. Flynn called the Russians. CEPT called the Russians during a close election where WIKI leaks happened to release damning information on Trumps opponent. And the President has been very careful not to offend Putin. Hmmm.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Who Told Flynn To Call the Russians?

Richard Nixon was brought down by a simple act. He said on tape that Haldermann and Erlichmann should obstruct the investigation into Watergate. He was sunk by his lie that he knew nothing about Watergate when it was revealed he did know by his own tape. Now we have General Flynn who called the Russians and said not to worry about the sanctions. The question is who told Flynn to call the Russians and what  would prompt such a call.

Flynn did not just pick up the phone and have a conversation with the Russian ambassador. Someone wanted to reassure the Russians not to worry. Now why would you do that unless you wanted to reassure someone who might just talk about other things. Why would General Flynn be so concerned the Russians might get pissed about the sanctions?

A simple lie brought Richard Nixon down. He told the people who worked for him to redirect the FBI and get them off of Watergate. He did many other things but really it was the moment he told those who worked for him to break the law. So again...who told General Flynn to call the Russians?

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Friday, February 10, 2017

Those Tough as Nails Feminists

They were tough. When I was growing up in Baltimore the feminist movement was in full flower. My mother was on board as were many East Coast Kennedyesque women who were willing to march, lay down in the street and do whatever it took to advance women's right. I hung out with a kid named Matt. He was cool. His parents were real hippies. His brother was a hippy. His father had long hair and his mother...well she drove an VW Micro bus, wore her hair down to her waist, wore high boots, long coats, and did not take anything from anyone. 

She was the activist mom of  the early seventies and had signs in her garage from demonstrations. His mother scared the hell out of me. One time I didn't eat the crusts of my tuna fish sandwich. She turned her dark eyes on me with her peace sign hanging down. Do you know how many kids are starving in China Billy? I did not. Well there are many and they would kill for those crusts. From then on I ate the crusts. 

But I think about my mother and Matt's mom and how they took nothing from anyone. And I think about the women's movement today. They will have to get tough because power is not given up easily and they are facing probably the most hostile administration in history to women's rights. It will be a tough fight...but you know what, I still eat my crusts. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Telling Elizabeth Warren to Sit Down and Shut Up

Mitch McConnell should have left the senate years ago and gone back to Kentucky to drink bourbon smoke cigars and ruminate about the good old days when white men ruled the world and women were in the kitchen and children were seen and not heard. In fact women in those days were seen and not heard and Mitch feels that should be the way it still is. Especially when a woman  is reading a  letter by Coretta Scott King. You could just see the old Kentuckian grinding his teeth on that one and then the censure.

Please sit down and shut up. By invoking a century old rule the owl eyed man was able to censure all women especially upstart women who dared to read letters by other upstart women who happened to be married to the greatest civil rights leader who ever lived. It was a moment straight out of 1950 with the leader of the Senate  coming out of the closet to let the world know what he really thinks of it is...not much.

And by stepping on Elizabeth Warren the old dog eared senator lit the fuse again for the women's movement. Sit down and shut up. He sure wouldn't have done that to a man. He would have done it to Barack Obama. You see where this is going, Better for the old dog to go back to Kentucky where men are men and women are muzzled.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson


When Jennifer Regan the school librarian texted me to ask if I would speak to a boy who had been  brutally assaulted in a middle school in South Elgin because The Pitcher was his favorite book and she felt if I would go see him in the ICU in the hospital it would lift his spirits... I said sure. I did not know about Henry but then of course I did and was shocked along with everyone else at what happened to this seventh grader. So I spoke with his mother who told me they had come home and would I come to the house. Absolutely.

I did some more research and saw that Anthony Rizzo among others had lent their support in fact it seemed the whole Cubs team was all about supporting Henry. #henrystrong was fast becoming a big twitter feed with people all over the country giving the middle school pitcher encouragement. This would be a first for me. Authors spend most of their time holed up over garages or in attics and then the rest of the time beating the promotion tom tom where you feel akin to an aluminum siding salesman hawking your wares. So this would be nice

Henry was just like any other boy, full of dreams, hopes. We talked baseball, pitching, cubs. I told him the story of how I came to write  The Pitcher which is the story of  a boy with a dream to make the high school baseball team. Henry is almost the same age as Ricky and will be facing that same challenge  soon. And then after signing a book and a poster it was time to go. Much too fast but the family has it's hands full with the many aspects of an event where normal life is put on  hold as media, lawyers, doctors move in.

Little did I know that when I wrote about a boy with everything against him with a single dream to become a pitcher for the Chicago Cubs one day,.. I would meet him in the flesh. Go Henry.
Go #henrystrong.

William Hazelgrove

Thursday, February 2, 2017

We Have No One To Blame But Ourselves

If you are freaking. If you are scared. If you are sizing up your yard for a bunker that can survive a thermonuclear blast then look no further than your fellow citizens for someone to blame. Only 55% of voting age people cast a vote in 2016 that means 90 million votes were left on the table. Did you really think citizenship was optional? Guess what, it's not. Need you read further than the national prayer breakfast where Donald trashed Arnie for his ratings on the apprentice. Or anything that has happened in the last two weeks.

So what happened. Oh I don't like the two candidates so I'm not going to vote.  Guess what the other side didn't think that way. They voted and voted and voted and now when you read the NY Times or watch the news and feel that pit in your stomach then just look around and figure out who decided they were to good to vote in the last election and there is your culprit. Even with the three million over the top it was not enough. Those other people needed to belly up to the bar and cast their votes.

You see a lot of people didn't turn up their nose and think they were to dignified to cast a vote in an election that presented two less than stellar candidates. A lot of people saw an opportunity and not only did they vote but their friends voted as well. Just remember that when you start counting up your can goods and figuring out how many people  you can fit in your bunker.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

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