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Monday, May 21, 2018

Authors Can Save Barnes and Noble

Authors can save Barnes and Noble. All they have to do is sell their books. Imagine if Barnes and Nobles had an author in every day. Not to sit behind a table but to sell their books. Not an author signing but an author selling. The author sells their book and then signs it. They will never beat Amazon at their game nor Starbucks or small cafes. But what Barnes and Noble does have is a physical presence and they have books and they have real live authors.

I sold 24k of my last book at a single Barnes and Noble last year. An unknown book. I did it all by talking to people coming in the front door. Most people are looking to discover a new story and guess what there is an author there to tell them all about a new story. Their own. And they can sign the book. It is a resource a sleeping sales force that Barnes and Noble can unleash right away because authors have a vested interest in selling their own books.

Look not everyone wants to talk to author when they walk into a Barnes and Noble but one in four  do. I counted it out and I sell a book about every fourth person. People are interested in the story the author has to tell and then they are interested in the author. The biggest advantage Barnes and Noble has is there are real people in those stores and real authors selling their books would cost them nothing. I impacted the bottom line of many Barnes and Nobles after four hours of selling my book and the managers were grateful. My sales swung the total revenue for the day.

This is a no brainer. The resource is there waiting to be tapped. An army of authors who just want people to read their books. Somebody just has to invite them in. The customer gets to hear about a new book, have an interesting conversation, and then get a signed book. And the author sells their book and now has an active role in controlling their royalties. It is a win for the author and more importantly the passive art of selling books will be gone for good, replaced by a motivated sales force of people going to the customers...authors.

Finally, yes it is a cyber world, but we are human beings. And humans like to talk to humans. An author can demolish any online sales model with this simple model. Give the author cards with a cover of his book. The customer walks in. "Can I give you this card? It is actually a book I wrote... " william hazelgrove

Friday, April 13, 2018

Paul Ryan is Getting While the Getting is Good

He is going back to brats cheese and beer. Paul Ryan is going back to Wisconsin. I know Janesville because I go to Green Lake which isnt that far. Wisconsin people are friendly and open. Ryan must crave that about now. He certainly wants to see his family more but the real reason he is leaving is because the good ship Titania Republicana is steaming right toward that black iceberg in the night and Paul Ryan is out on the first lifeboat because there simply are not enough. Trump had thrown overboard everything Ryan stood for anyway and now the working class white voters who put Trump into office simply will not be able to bail fast enough to keep the ship afloat.

Ryan lost his base as Trump gained his. When all those marginalized white voters were left behind by technology, globalization, and the internets squeezing of all profit from every mom and pop business in every small town along with Walmart and Target finishing the job they sure couldn't turn to Paul Ryan. He  had read Ayn Rand and subscribed to the if they are poor and old then they should die off. They didn't they voted for Donald Trump and unleashed a Demigod who upended everything Ryan and the small government Republicans stood for. All they felt was the wind of Trumps passage as he obliterated all traces of Ryans get rid of the safety net crusade.

So he has packed his bags and like the man who sees the party is really over he is getting out before the roads are clogged and the trains jammed. Ryan will be sitting on a pontoon on a lake in Wisconsin by the time the real blood bath occurs next year or since it is November he might be doing a little ice fishing. Cold brew, cigar, brat. Daughters with dad. Life could be being speaker of the house.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Teachers Should Walk Out

The teachers are the ones who should be walking out. They should walk out and not come back until Assault weapons are banned. They are on the front line along with their students. It is great the students are walking out today but really you want to send a message to Congress then shut down the schools and tell Washington you go teach the kids. You go through the lock down drills and deal with the potential of another AR15 attack because we are not coming back until you pass some kind of gun reform.

Its pretty bad when only the students have the guts to do something. The teachers should be behind them not talking about discipline. I have been in a shooting and I know what people don't who have never experienced that  kind of fear...that it can happen to you and schools are now Free Fire Zones. It will happen again. Statistically it is just an accident waiting to happen. Congress will blow off the students. They are not voting yet. But if all the teachers walked away and the schools shut down then the parents would be activated.

Now you have parents students teachers in a collective surge of protest. And parents and teachers vote and one thing about parents if it affects their kids they will do anything to solve the problem. So teachers tell your union you want to walk out. Tell you kids you are behind them. Better yet, just walk out.

Shots Fired in Terminal 2

william hazelgrove

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Shots Fired in Terminal 2

My family was in the shooting in Florida at the airport. I saw my twelve year old hiding under a plastic bin and my wife and kids flat on the sidewalk. I just finished a book on mass shootings in America, Shots Fired in Terminal 2. Here is the bad news. When you send your kids to school they are not safe. One in 300 is the statistic that each of us will be in a firearm related incident now. It gets worse. The front lines of this undeclared war on the American populace is the very place we send our children. The schools. This is the free fire zone of our times.

Being in a shooting is like being in a war. You do think you will die. Your heart does race. You breathe like you ran a marathon. And you cannot shake the feeling that something terrible will happen to you any second. And that feeling can come back any time. You may think it happens to other people it does not. The statistics are closing in on everyone. AR15s Assault Rifles make those statistics narrow because they kill with such efficiency and intensity. They are the Tommy Gun of our times which by the way the Thompson Machine Gun was called, The Annihilator by it's inventor.

This may sound grim. It is. It is a time bomb because every day more people buy assault weapons. Of the ten shootings I studied every one one of the shooters was considered mentally ill. So there you go. Here is the math. 350 million people. Even if 5 percent of the population is mentally ill that is 17 million people. There are 310 million guns. That one in 300 will soon be one in 200 then one in 100... then it will come into your life.

Channel 32

Shots Fired in Terminal 2

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sally Rand Rode Naked into The Worlds Fair of 1933 and Became a Star

Sally Rand looked like something from the heavens on her white horse, her bare skin painted white. Holding onto a bridle, she sat bareback atop the skittish horse and glided across Lake Michigan toward the back of the fairgrounds. The lake whooshed softly against the gurgling motor as the pumping horse blood warmed her thighs. The fair’s colored lights jumped in the cool, rushing water. Sally was pimply with goosebumps, even though it was late May.

The low-riding wooden Chris-Craft could barely contain the horse, and as water slapped up, she leaned close to his ear. “It’s fine . . . it’s fine, baby. We are almost there.” She pulled the white velvet cape around her and felt the wind pass over her loins and breasts. Except for the ankle bracelet, her blond wig, some makeup, and the cape that barely covered her breasts, Sally Rand, a.k.a. Harriet Helen Beck from Missouri, was naked from her painted toes to her dimpled smile. Who would turn away this gliding nymph approaching the opening of the 1933 World’s Fair?

The boat bumped the dock, and the horse stepped down from the low bow as if he had done so all his life. Sally Rand clamped his sides with her legs and dug her heels in. The horse jumped to life as her blond hair flew back. They raced down the deserted streets heading for the grand opening, where people gathered around the stage. A Century of Progress, the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair, was about to open during the worst year of the Great Depression, with a gangster-ridden city at its back. It was a perfect setup for a naked woman on a charging white steed.

Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Heaven and Hell of Working at Home

You only have to go to Starbucks to understand the duality of working at home. It is packed during the day with people who work at home. They are there for hours staring at their computers and they certainly were once in cubes or offices or sitting at conference tables. Globalization and a 1099 workforce has put a lot of people back into their kitchens. We were a nation of people who charged out of the home and hit the office. Now with computers we are becoming a nation of people who roll out of bed make our coffee and hit the kitchen table or the home office or some chair, couch, that works as a place to handle emails, write reports, compose novels.

The heaven of working at home is no commute, no interference, you just get down to work. The hell is there is no commute, no interference you just get down to work. Where is that coffee clutch moment where you gab with Bob Jim Nancy Ann about your weekend about how hard it is to get going on Monday morning. Where is that meeting where you are putting your head together with other people. Where is that lunch that coffee break, that feeling of camaraderie and finally that moment of leaving and driving back home in compartmentalized bliss. It is not there for many people anymore. There is Starbucks.

You have traded all that for your cat your dog those calls that never seem to come. There is no ringing phone, no buzz of people, not even the soft whisper of the keyboard. No. You are a company of one. No wonder people run screaming out their door for a coffeehouse, the grocery store, anything to get a little interaction. Add winter to the mix and you have people who will do anything to return to the workforce. It is not for the fainthearted.

Just ask anyone who has retired.


Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Missile Launch During the Book Signing

She wanted a book signed but she had to go to the bathroom first. It was last Saturday and the day had been pretty busy in Barnes and Noble. I had just about sold out of  Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair  and I told the woman I would hold one back for her. She left and I thought nothing more of that moment. It was midday. Just another Saturday. It must have been ten minutes later the woman came back. She did not resemble the woman who had left ten minutes before. She was pale, out of breath, trembling, She grabbed my arm. "They just launched a missile toward Hawaii," she gasped. "My brother is there and just told me everyone is running for their lives."
 I had kept up with Trumps dueling words with the leader of North Korea and like many I thought either man might bring on a nuclear launch. But somehow the reality of it was all brought home with this woman who clearly saw death on the horizon for all who resided on Hawaii. Growing up during the Cold War I had often thought my family might be obliterated at any moment. Everyone did. The Russians and the United States just looked ready to pull the trigger any moment to a ten year old. Now I felt that old fear rise up. Maybe nuclear war had started.

The woman shook her head. "I have to go home. I'm sorry I cant buy your book...I have to go," she said panicked glancing around as if we were about to be nuked. "Hold on," I said scooping up my phone and googling missiles and Hawaii. My phone flashed up False Alarm in Hawaii on Missile Launch. " It was a false alarm I told her showing my phone. The woman stared disbelieving. "Oh...well I have to go home and call my brother. " I nodded and she left. I get it. She had just seen Armageddon and some author with his phone was not enough.

I turned back to selling books and sold her copy ten minutes later to another woman.

Al Capone and the 1933 Worlds Fair

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