Thursday, May 26, 2016

Pocahontas Could Teach Madam President a Few Things

Well Well Well. There is someone out there who knows how to get at the Donald. Elizabeth Warren. Money grubber. Is there a term that better sums up Donald Trump? A money grubber. It is so obvious but so dead on. From Trump University to his pyramid marketing scheme for supplements to his bankrupt casinos to buying up foreclosed homes in the crash the money grubber stands tall for all to see. And Elizabeth Warren has the perfect pitch for the way she lobs the money grubber sinker at The Donald.

And we know it is working. At a rally last night he attacked Warren and called her Pocahontas  noting her Indian roots that he doubts. A birther to the end the Donald went on to say she was goofy and did nothing in Congress. Then he hit Pocahontas a few more times. This was after he called our former Secertary of State a lowlife. But Warren has something. It is the way she strings the words together and suddenly the master of Trump University seems pathetic and is there anyting more pathetic than a money grubber?

Rubio could not do it though he tried. Christie collapsed. Jeb couldn't even get in the ring. But Elizabeth Warren has a dead eye and like the Donald she knows just where to strike. Madam President and her people should study her approach. Warren is the first one to find a chink in the chain mayo of Trump attack tactics. Pocahontas might just kick the money grubbers ass.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Madam President Can Not Go Silent Against Trump

Madam President can not cede the airwaves to the Donald. Just look at the other guys who did that. Poof. It is that scene in The American President. A sappy movie but Michael J Fox and Michael Douglas squared off over this very issue. Fox pointed out to Michael Douglas that in the absence of real leadership people will follow anyone who is speaking. And this is true. The highroad doesn't even work in the movies sometimes and it won't work in 2016.

A bully has to be taken on. If you get your lunch taken away every day and think that going through each day hungry will work then guess again. Punch the bully and he will think twice about taking your lunch. Trump is a bully extraordinaire. He belittles, insults, coerces, lies,hammers and he has co opted the media for his bat to hit anyone who gets in his way. Hillary Clinton will have to swing back punch for punch or she will cede the airwaves and lose.

Repetition makes it true. Basic sales. Trump is a salesman. He sells real estate and he knows that if people hear something enough times they will believe it. Think on this, he managed to get a sitting President to show his birth certificate. So Hillary will have to take on the school yard bully and smack him back or risk going through this campaign hungry and bruised and worse, she might lose.
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ralph Nader Wants to take down Madam President

Think back. Remember Al Gore? The guy who lost to George Bush. He lost by about 97,000 votes. Remember Ralph Nader the consumer advocate who said Corvairs could blow up. He ran under the Green Party on a platform that included minimum wage, health care, campaign reform. Sound familiar. Everyone told him to get out. They said his third party woud split the vote and hurt the Democrats against George Bush. Nader said he was in it for the good of the country. Gore lost to Bush and Ralph  Nader was universally blamed.

And now we have the Bernie. He now has taken a scorched earth policy. Hes pissed. His supporters are pissed. Clearly a massive conspiracy is sinking Bernie. In the age of a million followers for a funny Youtube video plurarlity is not a bunch of people showing up in stadiums. Bernie is a socialist who has great plans but no way to achive them. He is the fantasy candidate of left while Donald is the fantasy candidate of the right. Both men have ardent followers who belive their cause trumps all else.

But Bernie is now the spoiler. He is Ralph Nader. He doesnt care if  Trump wins he just wants to stop Hillary. If you cant win the game then you destory it. Remember  those guys who would throw the board game when they started to lose. Bernie  doesnt like to lose  and the checkers board is about to go flying. Go Ralph Nader.
Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bernie Sanders Pain

We all want to be President. American boys are told from the beginning they could be President one day. Then they find out they cant. The Socialist Senator from Vermont finds stadiums waiting for him now. He was marginalized before. The MSNBC resident socialist brought on for fire and brimstone and then forgotten. Who could not agree with Bernie? Yes take money from the rich. Yes free college. Yes forgive student debt. Yes break Wall Street. But then another guest would come on and Bernie was forgotten.

So now he faces the spectre of not filling stadiums anymore. Quick who were the Democratic nominess in 2012? How about that other guy from Maryland who was on the stage with Bernie and Hillary? O'Malley something. People who run for President and dont get to the promised land are forgotten quicker than a New York minute. Just ask little Rubio  or Lying Ted or no energy Jeb. Poof. Gone with the Wind. One minute you have fifty microphones in your face and the next you are taking out the trash and all you hear is crickets.

A hard scenario for the Senator from Vermont. Lets face it when you run you are Superman and  then when you come down you are mortal again. Ick. And Bernie might end up somewhere in Hillarys administration or he might just go back to being that  Socialist from Vermont appearing on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow fawning...then moving on to the next guest.

Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Monday, May 16, 2016

Why the Precariat Should vote for Madam President

The Precariat is the new term for the proletariat. Add precarious to proletariat and you have precariat. It denotes the workers in America whose jobs have vanished or  feel any day their jobs could vanish. Donald Trump has triumphed largely because he has convinced the precariat that only he can rescue them and bring back jobs overseas to this country. But it is Donald's class the one tenth of one percent that sold the jobs overseas with trade agreements and outsourcing. He could not be a billionaire without keeping workers in the precarious position of being undercut by someone in Japan or India.

The First Woman President is more simpatico with the hopes and fears of the precariat. Hillary Clinton by definition has devoted her life to the cause of working people. It is part of the Democratic party DNA. The Republican DNA has always been wrapped up with business which has a vested interest in keeping workers off balance or precarious. But more than that it is part of the Unions DNA which is the only organization left to battle the Masters of the Universe or the Trumps of the world. Donald Trump doesn't give a damn about the precariat but Hillary Clinton actually does.

Women are a minority in this country. They didn't get the vote until fifty years after African Americans. They still don't make the same as men. They know what it is like to be the outsiders and the last dogs at the bowl. They have had to scratch and claw their way up and there is still a long way to go. The significance of the First Woman President is not that she is a woman but that she knows the precarious existence of being on the outside. A billionaire hasn't a clue.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Bad Divorce of Trump and the Republicans

Somebody has to go. You ever seen someone get divorced and stay in their house? Happens all the time. The first one to leave loses and so both people stay with a Maginot line down the middle of the house. All things can happen though. Violence. Embarrassing moments. Confrontations. The worst is that neither person really wants to be in the house with the other but if someone leaves they might just lose the house too. Donald Trump and The Republicans are both staying in the house for now but it is already getting intense.

Paul Ryan does not want the Donald on his side of the house Neither does Lindsays Graham or the Bushes. They all prefer he just leave with a good settlement package. But the Donald like the spouse who cheats and does all the nasty things and asks for the divorce has decided hes going to stay. He leaves his dirty clothes and dishes all over the place. He has other people in during the middle of the night .He is abusive and doesn't pay any of the bills. And he has no intention of leaving.

So maybe the Republicans should leave and give Donald his house. Just call his bluff and go and let his lawyers sort it out. Its never going to work anyway. He lies, cheats, insults, and wants it all. So give it to him. Just walk out the door and start over. A lot of people do it. Theres lots of other people out there the Republicans can find to date. Like 350 million. And you know what? Donald will sell the house anyway. The truth is he never liked it that much in the first place.
Madam President The Secret Presidency of Edith Wilson

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Madam President Will Have To Fight All The Way

Trump will try and knock her down. Then knock her out. Bill Clinton will be on a spit slowly turning while Trumpians wail about morality. I have  heard it already. The conflation of Madam President with her husband. Bill Clinton is not running but it doesnt matter. Trump will paint her with him and say they are both to blame for the carnage. Then he will turn up the heat and say she should be in jail because of her emails or Benghazi or both.

He will grab the narrative and never let go. Obama was never born here. Ted Cruz father was in on JFK. Bernie is a communist. Hillary is a crook. If there ever was a misoginist it is Donald Trump and it is probalby fitting he should be the last troll at the gate. But if Hillary gets deflected for a second it will be at her peril. He has sold his voters on one promise he will restore the jobs and their lives.

Take that on. Dont go after his racism or xenophobia or misoginy. His voters dont care about that. Go after what he keeps under his comb over. The bait and switch. Go after that. The promise of jobs and money and restoring old America. He cant. He wont. He will make America great for one person, Donald Trump. Go after that.

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