Friday, July 22, 2016

Madam President Has to Keep Torch of Liberty Burning

The Statue of Liberty greeted all who came to the United States. Her torch burned high and on many ships those immigrants saw the beacon as the first light after a long darkness. It was the light after oppression and tyranny and for many starting over to find a better life it signified a better future.  In the early twentieth century many fled from dictators or famine with the hope that in the New World there was something better. So the long dark nights on the ship crossing the ocean, leaving all they have known and throwing the dice on America and hoping a brighter world would be there.

Madam President has her work cut out for her. There are those who would snuff that torch now. Those who would hang a sign around the neck of the Statue of Liberty saying NOT WANTED. GO BACK OR ELSE. The beacon will not burn for anyone in this new world. It will only turn those back who had risked so much to try for a better life. And even if Ellis Island is closed and many do not come by ship, the Statue of Liberty is still the symbol of the countries open arms.

Philadelphia will have to be the center of light now. If there is no counter to the darkness of Cleveland then many will not see the torch of liberty held high. The torch is flickering, make no mistake. Hillary Clinton's greatest mission will be to make sure liberties promise still burns for future generations and doesn't get snuffed by hate and the fear of the other.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ted Cruz's Big Gamble

So Ted is betting against the house. Or he is shorting the market. Brokers did that in the crash. They wanted the market to fall so they could scoop up deals with their options. Well Ted bought an option on Trumps implosion that will take all who supported him down. Teds option wasn't expensive right now because the Republicans believe Trump will win. But if Trumps goes down like the Titanic then Ted Cruz will hold a very lucrative option he can leverage for a lot of money in the next election. It is an option that says I stood my ground and stuck to my guns when everyone else sold out.

It might just work. Especially if the USS Trump continues to list and take water. What happens in the market when someone takes a contrary position is others hear about it and they want in on the action. Line up the dead soldiers if Trump goes down. Ryan. Christie. Rubio. They will have about as much stock as Black Tuesday if the Donalds ship rolls over and goes down nose first. There simply are no lifeboats or life jackets on the USS Trump. It is unsinkable after all.

But Ted Cruz has bought one ticket for one lifeboat. And when the good ship Donald finally rolls over there will be a lot of people thrashing around in the water and one very dry Senator from Texas, holding up his winning option like a flag for 2020.

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The Greatest Show On Earth Barnum and Trump

The circus is in town. Or haven't you heard. There are clowns and elephants and lions and tigers. There are even three rings set up for FOX, CNN, and MSNBC. So get your popcorn and settle in. In the center ring we have a woman who is married to the great circus promoter Trump. She will by daring and skill give you a speech that is unparalleled in Barnum and Trump history! She will give a speech that will say ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and then reveal to the audience that she in fact lifted the speech from the first Lady of the United States. AMAZING!

The elephants this year are amazing. But sadly most of them are missing. The ones who did show up will give speeches . In an amazing acrobatic feat an elephant named Cruz will give a speech at the circus of the great promoter Trump and then encourage people to go other circuses! The audience went wild. Then in a tour de force other elephants will speak and say absolutely nothing good about anything! INCREDIBLE!

The spectacle is amazing! A television hillbilly, a washed up child actor, a Calvin Klein underwear model, an African American, a lone survivor, a psychotic mayor, a faded soap opera star...they are all here to promote THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! And we cannot forget the amazing man himself who is said to be A SOCIOPATH! That means he feels no remorse, regret, pity, in short he has NO CONSCIENCE!. A HUMAN WITHOUT HUMANITY! Why he could nuke half the world and feel nothing!


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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What has happened to coverage of the RNC?

Ah, you know you are in trouble when PBS is the station telling it like it is. It would seem a corporate directive has come down to CNN and MSNBC to say nothing but good things. Any person who speaks should be awarded a gold star. Criticism is not wanted. The effort to bend over backwards and appear bi partisan is nauseating in its disengenuousness,. It would be like Fox News suddenly professing a love for Planned Parenthood. But that is what is happening now at CNN and MSNBC.

Forget that Rachel Maddow looks like she swallowed a lemon a lot of the time when talking about various speakers. The tepid response of the CNN panelists points more to the badgering of Jeffery Lord (Trumpian supporter)  than some sort of wholesale conversion to the world of Trump. The problem is that no one believes what they are saying and so there is this strange bland ongoing conversation of "nice substantive speech."Or " Knocked it out of the park" This referring to Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr.

PBS is the only station that gets it. 'We hear nothing that is changing the paradyme of playing to the base."Duh. Its like celebrating bowling at a convention of league bowlers. The ratings game is mysterious but if CNN and MSNBC think they are going to cash in by playing coy then they should look at the disarray of the Republican Convention. Being disengenous has a price.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

All Madam President Has To Do Is Reach Out at Her Convention

If you watched the Republican Convention then you came away thinking well nothing that weird happened. Yes, there was Duck Dynasty and Joanie Loves Scott Baio and a Calvin Klein underwear model. And yes the delegates revolted and tried to regurgitate Donald Trump but it was quickly stamped out.. And yes his wife probably swiped some riffs from Michelle Obamas speech and gave us nothing about the Donald other than the Donald. But no one was shot. No one lost their mind and charged the stage.  It really was a carefully orchestrated event for the base of the Republican party. Talk about blowing it.

Trump has won over his base. But he had done this before the convention. They needed no more persuading, but Trump wasted prime time sound bytes on fueling the base that was already voting for him. From Benghazi to the Lone Survivor it was all about how bad the Democrats and Hillary are and how the world is out to get us. Very red meat. The far right of the Republican party loves Donald Trump. But what about everyone else?

All Madam President has to do is open her arms. That's it. Just say, you know what, I am for all of you who are not included in the Trumpian universe. And there are many. You cannot win a modern Presidential election with just your base. You need, you know, the other people. They make up most of America. So all Hillary has to say is, I am for you and you know who you are. That's it.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Madam President is Losing the Narrative of First Elected Woman President

Alice Paul would be upset. She was an activist for womens rights who was jailed. Went on a hunger strike then was force fed thorugh her nose Then she was committed to an  insane asuylum. All because she wouldnt back down. She chained herself to the White House gates. She flashed the President Woodrow Wilson and Edith. She threw heself in front of carraiges. When the President offered to let her out of prison she declined and went on a hunger strike. Then when women finally got the vote, Alice Paul was thrown under the history bus and we were left with Susan B. Anthony and others who did much less.

But Alice Paul would be amazed and upset that Madam President cannot grab the mantle of First Elected President. It has been sandwiched under emails and Trumpian assualts. But the First Woman President should not be lost and Hillary should fight to get back the narrative. When Edith Wilson took over for her husband Woodrow after his stroke she became the First Woman President. But there was no recognition only a coverup. Hillary Clinton is the person poised to break the glass ceiling and this  time it can be recognized.

The First Elected Woman President is somehing her opponent cannot claim. Unless he goes transgender and we should not put that past the Donald. Madam President needs to grab the brass ring and own it. She will be the First Elected Woman President. Alice Paul would have it no other way.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Would Robotic Police Be So Bad?

The gunman in Dallas was blown up with a robot. Lot of hand wringing. Military use of a robot. Is that even fair? The gunman was taken out with no more loss of life. And you know, if you think about it. Robotic police woudl not be bad. Say you are out at night. Say you are an African American in a white neighborhood. The robotic police car pulls you over. The robot approaches. License please. Maybe the driver has a gun. The robot waits. He cannot be killed. He is armored. He is not alive. The driver pulls out his license.

Thank you. The robot runs a check. His sensors tell him the driver has a metal gun. Could you please pull out your weapon. The driver does. The robot waits. No fear. No going for his gun since he is equipped with dual tasers and for a true emergency twin nine millineters already centered. So he waits while the driver pulls out his gun. Permit please. He waits again while the driver fishes for his permit. He is not worried about him pulling out another gun. He is not worried about him turning and shooting him or driving off. He waits.

Thank you. He runs a check. Thank you sir. He hands back the liense. I pulled you over for a tailight sir. Please get that fixed at your earliest convience. He hums back to his squad car. The African American driver leaves with his gun. The robot goes back to driving around. He isnt tired. He isnt crabby. He isnt scared. He just serves the public good. What a great cop.

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